Conker Launches Campaign to Revolutionise Scanning Technology in Warehousing and Logistics Industries

Conker, a British manufacturer of durable mobile devices, has launched a campaign aimed at revolutionizing scanning technology in the warehousing, shipping, and logistics industries.

The campaign centres around a superhero character called ‘Scan Man’ who wears a hi-vis outfit. It addresses the challenges posed by outdated and inefficient scanning devices, which can impede productivity and cause frustration in the workplace.

The campaign features a five-part video series showcasing Conker’s latest product range, the next-generation rugged wearables. Scan Man derives his superpowers from a glove equipped with an integrated barcode scanner and a built-in scanning trigger that connects to a wrist-worn PDA device. This setup enables faster, more effective, and hands-free scanning.

According to Gartner, wearables are identified as one of the top technology trends in the supply chain for 2023. Conker aims to support warehousing and logistics operations in becoming more efficient and effective by providing customers with convenient and durable wearables.

James Summers, CEO and Founder of Conker, highlights the negative impact that broken or unreliable devices can have on productivity, leading to employee frustration and turnover. By investing in robust devices and unlocking the “superpowers” they offer, warehouse, shipping, and logistics teams can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and benefit from reliable and long-lasting technology. Summers also emphasizes that anyone can become a “Scan Man” with the help of Conker’s wearable tech, as it provides an opportunity for all individuals to enhance their scanning capabilities.

Miguel Sanchez-rios, IT Manager at Shamrock, expresses satisfaction with Conker’s wearables devices and highly recommends them to other companies.

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