Good Start Packaging Achieves B Corp Certification, Paving the Way for Sustainable and Purposeful Business Practices

Good Start Packaging Achieves B Corp Certification, Paving the Way for Sustainable and Purposeful Business Practices

Good Start Packaging, a prominent supplier of compostable alternatives to plastic takeout food containers and restaurant supplies in North America, proudly announced its recent certification as a B Corporation (B Corp), solidifying its dedication to fostering sustainable and prosperous businesses while striving for a better world. By attaining the B Corp certification, awarded by the nonprofit B Lab, Good Start Packaging has demonstrated its fulfillment of rigorous criteria, attesting to its exceptional social and environmental performance, transparent practices, and legal accountability—a testament to its pursuit of balancing profit and purpose. The company joins an esteemed group of enterprises that have achieved this prestigious certification, having earned an impressive score of 93.3 in the B Impact assessment, surpassing the minimum requirement of 80 points and the median score of 50.9.

Ken Jacobus, the Founder and CEO of Good Start Packaging, expressed his gratitude for this recognition and articulated the company’s shared vision with other like-minded B Corps to redefine the concept of success in the business world. “B Corps epitomize what it means to be an exceptional company. We are truly honored to receive this acknowledgment and to join forces with fellow B Corps in reshaping the standards of achievement in the business landscape,” he remarked.

Good Start Packaging’s unwavering commitment to offering 100% compostable and eco-friendly food and drink packaging, as well as its pledge to donate 20% of its profits to humanitarian and environmental causes, played a pivotal role in its achievement across the five impact areas evaluated by B Corp: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

Jacobus emphasized that the completion of the comprehensive B Impact Assessment, spanning 11 months, represented the culmination of years of striving to standardize practices that validate the company’s commitment to treating all stakeholders with integrity. “Moreover, it enables us to prioritize the most impactful initiatives and holds us accountable to a higher purpose,” he added.

In addition to its noteworthy commitment to sustainability, Good Start Packaging’s accreditation was bolstered by its steadfast dedication to providing top-notch client service, engaging in ethical marketing practices, and ensuring employee satisfaction. The company offers an array of employee benefits, including paid parental leave, a 401K matching program, and coverage of 80% of health insurance premiums.

Currently, Good Start Packaging has directed its efforts toward charitable contributions that support causes such as community nourishment, human rights advancement, and environmental preservation. Notably, the company recently collaborated with the World Food Programme (WFP) to assist in feeding school children in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua stands as one of the most impoverished and food-deficient countries in Latin America, with 17% of children under the age of five suffering from chronic undernutrition. Good Start Packaging’s contribution of $200,000 facilitated the provision of daily nutritious meals to 16,600 food-insecure school children, covering one-third of their school year—an invaluable support to a vital cause.

Joining the ranks of 19 other B Corps in New Hampshire and close to 7,000 B Corps across 90 countries and 161 industries worldwide, Good Start Packaging remains steadfast in its commitment to driving transformative change in the global economy, one that benefits all individuals, communities, and the planet at large.

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