Graphika Recognized as One of TIME100 Most Influential Companies

Graphika Recognized as One of TIME100 Most Influential Companies
TIME100 Most Influential Companies 2023

Graphika Recognized as One of TIME100 Most Influential Companies, Empowering Businesses to Navigate Online Landscape

Graphika, a global leader in social media analytics, has secured a coveted spot on TIME’s annual list of the 100 Most Influential Companies for 2023. The prestigious accolade highlights Graphika’s groundbreaking contributions in understanding and navigating the intricate online landscape that impacts businesses, elections, and society at large.

As online events increasingly wield real-world consequences, Graphika’s advanced analytics play a pivotal role in comprehending the diverse communities that shape our digital world. By identifying threats and opportunities, Graphika equips its clients with actionable intelligence to navigate the complexities of online communication, safeguarding democratic principles, human rights, and inclusive discourse.

The inclusion of Graphika in the TIME100 Most Influential Companies list underscores the significance of social media analytics in a market projected to reach a staggering $26 billion by 2028. In particular, Graphika’s ATLAS subscription product received recognition for providing enterprises with risk-sensing data and actionable insights on the multifaceted challenges confronting modern businesses.

According to a recent Deloitte report, over 50% of enterprises plan to mitigate reputational risk through investments in predictive analytics and brand monitoring tools. Graphika’s transformative impact lies in empowering organizations from various sectors, including Fortune 500 companies, civil society organizations, and the world’s largest social media platforms, to identify strategic opportunities and effectively combat emerging threats.

Founder and CEO John Kelly emphasized the mission of Graphika to guide customers through the intricate web of online conversations. “Graphika has changed the game for businesses, governments, and other organizations by allowing them to understand the online environment they are forced to operate in but unprepared to navigate on their own,” stated Kelly.

Graphika’s noteworthy achievements in research and development over the past year have yielded proprietary technologies that set them apart. Leveraging AI language models to uncover online narratives and pioneering a cutting-edge stance detection model as an alternative to sentiment analysis, Graphika’s commitment to innovation drives their ability to empower partners with invaluable insights.

To compile the TIME100 list, the publication sought nominations from a vast network of contributors, correspondents, and experts worldwide. TIME’s editorial team meticulously evaluated each nominee, considering factors such as impact, innovation, ambition, and success. The result is a diverse cohort of 100 companies spearheading crucial advancements in various industries, forging a path forward in an ever-evolving digital era.

John Kelly emphasized the crucial role of human communication and the significance of Graphika’s technology in navigating the increasingly impactful online connections between individuals and organizations. “Our technology allows businesses to navigate these complex social networks safely,” Kelly affirmed.

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