Hurd App Lets You “Glassdoor” Your Employer’s Climate Cred

hurd app

A new mobile and desktop app called Hurd aims to empower employees to demand and take climate action in their workplaces. Developed by a London-based startup, the free app lets users anonymously rate their company’s climate efforts, share success stories, and access climate-related educational resources.

Hurd arrives at a time when employees increasingly want to contribute to fighting climate change on the job but often lack the tools to do so effectively, according to a recent study by Kite Insights. The study found that 83% of employees want to take climate action at work, with 70% saying such opportunities are important for their motivation and well-being.

“With Hurd, we want to focus on people as the ultimate force behind the potential to unlock positive tipping points,” said Sophie Lambin, founder and CEO of the company behind the app. “People and their willingness and ability to act at work is still untapped. Let’s give people the voice, the tools and the network to contribute to shifting the whole system faster and in a way that is inclusive.”

The app’s key features allow users to rate their company’s climate efforts, share success stories, join a community of like-minded colleagues, and access micro-learning lessons on climate action tailored to specific jobs and industries.

For employers, Hurd generates a Climate Empowerment Score based on employee feedback measuring how ready they feel to tackle climate issues on the job. The score assesses employees’ climate understanding, personal connection to the issue and perceived ability to take action.

“Hurd is a bit like Glassdoor for climate – it amplifies employee voices and improves transparency,” said Mike Fenna, the startup’s chief technology officer. “However, whereas Glassdoor takes a ‘once and done’ approach, Hurd takes a ‘little and often’ approach, building up an ever-evolving picture of the user’s experience of their ability to act on climate at work.”

In a statement, Lambin said the app’s mission is to “make climate action at work easy” by guiding employees from diverse roles on how they can reduce their employer’s environmental impact.

The launch of Hurd comes as climate change weighs heavily on the minds of the global workforce, with employees pressuring employers to do more to mitigate their corporate carbon footprints. The app provides a new platform for workers to mobilize around climate action within their companies.

Hurd is available for free download on Apple, Android and web platforms. More information can be found at

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