Kabuni Launches Kabuni WIZARD: Revolutionizing Education with Immersive Learning


Kabuni, an Immersive Learning provider, introduces Kabuni WIZARD, an innovative education technology platform catering to children aged 8-18. Leveraging spatial computing, artificial intelligence, and Web3 technologies, the platform offers personalized learning experiences through Extended Reality (ER), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). It addresses challenges in the education system by democratizing education and equipping children with essential Web3 skills for the future. Kabuni COIN, a utility token, incentivizes learning and enables purchases within the Kabuni ecosystem, with collaborations extending to the real world through partnerships with companies like Mastercard.

In response to the current education crisis and widening skills gap, Kabuni, a provider of Immersive Learning, has launched its Kabuni WIZARD, an education technology platform that facilitates safe and highly personalised learning for children aged 8 – 18 years. The company is also set to launch its utility token, Kabuni COIN, to encourage “Learn-To-Earn” concepts for students and teachers.

By leveraging spatial computing, artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies like AI and blockchain technology, Kabuni Wizard works with award-winning teachers and world-class educationalists to co-create immersive learning programmes that are transforming the delivery of education, learning and assessment through Extended Reality (ER), Virtual Reality (VR), Virtual Environments (VE) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Enabled by Blockchain technology, the platform creates secure records of learning achievements across various institutions and borders providing a truly global classroom unrestricted by geographical boundaries.

“Educational technology expanded significantly over the course of the pandemic and shed further light on the multiple issues that are plaguing the current education system including higher costs, lack of funding and restrictions in accessibility. Kabuni Wizard aims to democratise education and at the same time prepare children for the future world of working with the requisite Web3 skills and knowledge for the future.” said Nimesh Patel, Founder and CEO at Kabuni.

He also added: “NFTs and digital assets are part of the new digital world that’s here to stay. Kabuni provides a safe space for children, parents and educators to understand the infrastructure of digital currencies and learn the ins and outs.”

Kabuni COIN adds another layer of incentive to the educational journey and opens up innovative ways for learners to engage and interact with content, boosting engagement and motivation. Kabuni COIN is a utility token with the function of making purchases on the Kabuni platform. The token can be spent on a variety of goods, services and experiences, as well as earned on a learn-to-earn model. Kabuni’s collaboration with Mastercard will also allow the rewards to spent ‘in the real world’ with the tap of a card.

On the partnership with Kabuni, Lindsay Robertson, CEO of Optimus Cards stated: “We are hugely excited to be partnering with Kabuni to provide a secure and purposeful education experience for both students and educators. In the near future, we will be integrating Kabuni COIN to expand its utility beyond the Kabuni ecosystem.  As part of the Uphold (the global multi-asset digital money platform) family, Optimus helps to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the high street.”

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