Bluewater Returns as Official Water Purification Supplier for NYYC American Magic in the 37th America’s Cup

Bluewater, the Swedish water and beverage brand, is thrilled to announce its partnership with NYYC American Magic, the Challenger for the 37th America’s Cup, as the Official Water Purification Supplier. This marks Bluewater’s return to the prestigious America’s Cup after previously providing a water station at the 2017 America’s Cup village in Bermuda.

As part of the partnership, Bluewater supplies NYYC American Magic with state-of-the-art water dispensers that utilize patented technology to remove all known contaminants, ensuring safer and healthier hydration for the team. Additionally, Bluewater has provided exclusive, highly durable 800 ml sustainable bottles to the athletes and support staff, capable of keeping liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours while maintaining taste.

Bengt Rittri, Founder and CEO of Bluewater, expressed pride in partnering with the American Magic team in their quest for the renowned sailing prize. Bluewater’s bottles are designed to withstand the harshest marine conditions, ensuring proper hydration for the sailors during challenging moments on the water.

Terry Hutchinson, President of Sailing Operations and Skipper of NYYC American Magic, emphasized the importance of the partnership in keeping their athletes hydrated during intense training and racing. He also highlighted the environmental benefits of reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles.

Bluewater’s purified water, dispensed from their public water stations, underwent a successful trial at American Magic’s test center in Pensacola, Florida, over a period of six months in 2022 and 2023. Three dispensers have been installed at the crew team base and staff areas in Barcelona, Spain, where the 37th America’s Cup will unfold in the coming months leading up to the event in September and October 2024.

Bluewater’s cutting-edge dispensers employ their SuperiorOsmosis technology, delivering pure, delicious, and eco-friendly water on demand. This eliminates the need for unsustainable transportation and disposal of plastic bottles. Bluewater’s water purifiers are capable of removing up to 99.7% of bacteria, viruses, microplastics, toxic chemicals, and other impurities, ensuring the highest quality water for the team.

The innovative water purification technology and bottle solutions provided by Bluewater have been widely adopted at major events, including the British Open golf tournament, the Cape Town Marathon, and the Ohana music festival, among many others. Bluewater’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through its planet-friendly event ecosystem, which combines bottles, eye-catching messaging platforms, and digital signage options to help event organizers offset any revenue loss resulting from the ban on plastic bottle sales.

For each Bluewater bottle sold, the company has pledged to collect one kilo of plastic from shorelines. In recognition of its sustainability efforts, Bluewater was honored with a 2022 Green Guardian award by IQ Magazine, a leading European publication for the festival industry. The judging panel of sustainability experts praised Bluewater for its dedication to improving sustainability in the live entertainment sector.

Bengt Rittri expressed concern about the pervasive pollution caused by single-use plastic bottles and the resulting presence of microplastics in the environment. He reiterated Bluewater’s commitment to providing cleaner, healthier water for athletes while striving to create cleaner oceans free from plastic contamination for future generations.


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