Castlepoint Systems Receives Acclaimed ISACA Innovation Solutions Award for Breakthrough in Data Security and Risk Management

Rachael Greaves, co-founder and CEO of Castlepoint Systems

Castlepoint Systems, a trailblazing data management and ethical AI company specializing in cybersecurity, has garnered the prestigious ISACA Innovation Solutions Award, marking a significant milestone in the industry. Recognized as the world’s first technology to comprehensively manage, protect, and mitigate risks associated with all information assets within an enterprise, Castlepoint’s disruptive governance, risk, and compliance platform has captivated experts worldwide.

Renowned for its trusted services by major government departments and enterprises in Australia and New Zealand, Castlepoint now sets its sights on a global launch. By offering organizations unparalleled visibility and control over their data security obligations, Castlepoint enables complete compliance and empowers stakeholders to proactively safeguard sensitive information. Moreover, the platform seamlessly addresses the entire information governance lifecycle through an intuitive interface, ensuring user-friendly implementation while remaining undetectable and non-disruptive to existing systems and data sources.

The recent triumph underscores the growing demand for robust data protection solutions in an era plagued by high-profile data breaches and rampant ransomware attacks. As citizens around the globe increasingly expect the safeguarding of their personal information, Castlepoint’s platform equips data custodians with the necessary tools to minimize risks through enhanced information controls. The ISACA award specifically recognized Castlepoint’s pioneering work in the realm of artificial intelligence-driven information risk and security management.

Rachel Greaves, CEO of Castlepoint, expressed immense pride in the company’s groundbreaking technology, which bolsters information protection and compliance for both organizations and individuals whose data is entrusted to them. Greaves emphasized that Castlepoint was established on the belief that there had to be a more streamlined and manageable way to mitigate risks within networks and protect stakeholders. Castlepoint’s platform not only proves the feasibility of this vision but also yields significant and rapid returns in terms of efficiency, risk mitigation, and compliance. Greaves stressed that effective cyber security strategies must encompass not only the reduction of breach likelihood but also the management of cyber risks to minimize the impact of any data spillage. Achieving this requires comprehensive knowledge of data inventory, its location, user activity, and associated risk or value, including regulatory considerations.

As threats and data breaches continue to escalate in an environment of evolving technologies and increased data sharing, organizations face mounting challenges in effectively managing their sensitive and high-value information. Compounded by more stringent data regulations, even minor missteps or breaches can erode hard-earned goodwill. Castlepoint’s ability to accelerate and enhance data management, responsiveness, and intelligence equips its customers with the critical tools needed to navigate these complexities successfully.

Castlepoint Systems has enjoyed an exceptional year of expansion and global reach. Earlier this year, the company earned a spot in the prestigious CyberTech100 list for its innovative contributions. In recognition of her outstanding achievements and dedication over the previous year, Rachel Greaves was recently named among the Senior Leaders (CEOs, CFOs, Founders, Executive Team Members) in the Innovate Finance ‘Women in FinTech Powerlist 2022.’ Additionally, Greaves was honored as Australia’s most outstanding woman in IT security in 2022 and received the RegTech female entrepreneur of the year award. Castlepoint Systems itself secured the RegTech Association’s Australian Business Award, cementing its position as an industry leader.

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