Entrepreneur Launches UK’s First Black Tech Day to Promote Diversity in Tech Industry

Dexter Simms, a celebrated serial-entrepreneur and community advocate, has introduced the inaugural Black Tech Day in the UK. This groundbreaking event aims to inspire young individuals from underrepresented communities to consider careers in the tech sector. The event, backed by TV personalities Emmanuel Asuquo and Big Narstie, is scheduled for August 19th and 20th at London South Bank University. With an impressive lineup of over 40 speakers and special guests, the event is anticipated to draw 1600 attendees over the course of two days, positioning it as a leading annual tech gathering within the community.

Black Tech Day, a two-day interactive and educational event, strives to bring together young people, parents, and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds and disadvantaged communities. Collaborating with industry experts, the event intends to explore the impact of technological advancements on the future of work. As the UK’s tech sector burgeons to a value of $1 trillion with projections to reach $4 trillion over the next decade, Black Tech Day seeks to bridge the representation gap by motivating individuals from BAME communities to pursue tech careers, fostering greater diversity within the industry.

Statistics reveal that ethnic minorities comprise only 22% of the workforce across the tech sector. In fields like cybersecurity and AI, these figures drop even further. Dexter Simms’ vision of leveling the playing field for young people, particularly in South London, inspired the conception of *Black Tech Day*. In a statement about his motivation, he noted, “There’s a lack of representation and access to technology, particularly within the Black community. A career in tech often feels unattainable for many young Black individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. *Black Tech Day* seeks to provide equal opportunities and access to these possibilities.”

The event welcomes a diverse audience, from young people exploring tech careers to parents curious about the influence of technological progress on their children’s career paths. Business owners looking to harness tech solutions for growth, as well as educational institutions seeking prospective students, will also find value in the event.

*Black Tech Day* has garnered considerable attention and attracted notable speakers from around the world, including Malik Stout, Executive Producer and Host of On The Bloc Chain Show, and Yuvika Gupta, a mindset and inspirational speaker. The initiative is also backed by esteemed figures like Lavinia Osbourne, Founder of Women in Blockchain Talks, who underscored the imperative of diversity in the tech sector.

The event features a range of exciting activities, such as an opening address by the Mayor of Croydon, a FIFA gaming competition hosted by Big Narstie with a cash prize, and a live financial Q&A with TV’s Emmanuel Asuquo. Diverse panel discussions will delve into topics like the latest trends in Web 2 and Web 3 technologies, coding, gamefi, and the future of news.

*Black Tech Day* has gained support from numerous organizations through sponsorships and collaborations, including Croydon College, LSBU, Mula Cake, NBA 2K, Capcom, Bandai Namco, GLA, and DWP. The event serves as a dynamic platform for exploring cutting-edge technology, gaining valuable skills, and engaging in interactive workshops, all with the goal of shaping a more inclusive and tech-driven future for everyone.

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