What’s next for the creator economy? Expert reveals how to boost your social media presence (and bottom line) in 2024

Jess Dante - Love and London

Travel influencer and entrepreneur Jessica Dante has her finger on the pulse of the booming creator economy. As founder of Love and London, a digital media brand with over 700,000 devoted followers, Jessica shares insider tips on how creators can maximize their online presence and income in 2024. With the industry projected to surpass $22 billion next year, Jessica reveals strategies for growing your platform, building your email list, creating authentic content, unlocking the power of video, and diversifying income streams through strategic collaborations.


Jessica Dante, Founder of Love and London, is a trailblazing figure in the world of travel and social media, having built her online business that boasts a staggering community of 700,000 devoted followers, enabling her to engage with over six million people every month. Jess began on her journey in 2015 with a tourist YouTube channel as a side hustle, unaware of its potential or that it would eventually become her full-time profession. Today, Jess is considered a key player in the industry and her digital media brand caters to travelers from all corners of the globe, facilitating unforgettable experiences.

She said: ‘2023 has been massive for the business, our team of freelancers went from just a few to 14, and our channels have grown massively, especially Instagram, which has more than tripled its followers since the beginning of the year’.

Here she reveals her insider tips and predictions for the creator economy, providing valuable insights on how to grow your platform and effectively channel your efforts into generating income, regardless of the sector or business you are in.

Network within your industry more strategically to boost growth

Creators are often creatives, so they focus on the content which is great, but ultimately can be at the cost of building an actual business that is sustainable and grows beyond the creator’s own output. It can be so helpful to work with people who have the business skills you need behind you, like a manager and an accountant, and to consistently speak to fellow creators to understand how their own businesses work.

Your email list is more important than how many followers you have

One of the biggest tips I’ve been saying for YEARS to creators is to build an email list. Your Instagram or YouTube account could be completely wiped TOMORROW, and then what will you do? If you have an email list, you own this data and you have a direct line to your audience no matter what. Plus, it’s the most effective way to tell your audience about new launches and work without worrying about the algorithm.

The growing popularity of genuine creator content

In 2024, despite influencers and brands experimenting with AI, users will be looking for content with a personal/human touch more than ever. We will see a growing gap between those using AI tools and those who choose to create their own unique and individual content to connect with their audiences. At the end of the day, real and distinctive content connects better with people and beats AI any day. The gap will lead to unique content gaining more engagement and followers through their efforts.

Unlock the key to video content

If you really want your social media to work for you, it’s time to fully embrace video content. It is one of the main drivers of success in 2024. At Love and London, as a creator-led business, we have been using video content across our platforms for years. Now, it’s essential for any business that wishes to thrive, regardless of the sector. HubSpot says that social media videos get a whopping 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Why do people love videos so much? It’s simple-videos grab attention, quickly highlight what the offering is about, and build trust rapidly. Both long form and short form video content are needed in a content mix because they reach different audiences and can deliver information and stories in different ways. Remember to keep it simple, fun, and easy to share.

What’s in store for the future?

As for the creator industry in the future, I hope we will start seeing more diversity in creator campaigns as it seems many brands haven’t done very much on that front. I also think we’ll start to see more brands being willing to work with creators in a capacity beyond just essentially buying adverts on our channels, but instead working together to host events, set up co-branded podcasts, or other non-traditional ways. Business owners or creators should look at these types of collaborations to diversify income streams next year.


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