Real Estate Crystal Ball? Markerr’s AI Data Scientist Predicts Rental Trends

Real Estate Crystal Ball? Markerr's AI Data Scientist Predicts Rental Trends

Markerr, a trailblazing real estate data analytics company, has launched an industry-first innovation that stands to revolutionize predictive analytics across the real estate sector. Dubbed the “AI Data Scientist,” this new capability integrated within Markerr’s Data Studio platform enables multifamily property investors, owners and operators to easily interpret and act on sophisticated machine learning models without requiring technical expertise.

As reported in a press release issued earlier today, the AI Data Scientist represents a pioneering use of generative AI, taking Markerr’s advanced rent forecasting models and translating the complex inner workings into clear, actionable business insights. This leap forward makes Markerr’s RealRent solution, which leverages proprietary data at scale to deliver superior predictive accuracy, accessible to non-technical real estate professionals.

“Markerr’s AI-driven approach to rent forecasting has been a game-changer for our investment strategies,” said Christian Evans, Investment Associate at The Dinerstein Companies, a privately held real estate investment firm based in Houston. “With real-time insights and this groundbreaking AI Data Scientist feature, we’re experiencing unparalleled efficiency and accessibility in understanding complex machine learning models.”

Markerr’s methodology stands apart from traditional econometric forecasting by utilizing machine learning techniques to uncover hidden relationships and dynamics within data that impact rent growth. Backtesting has proven this approach reliably outperforms legacy models by an average of 13.5%, delivering quantifiable ROI for clients according to Markerr.

Andrew Jenkins, Chief Product Officer at New York-based Markerr, explained the impetus behind developing the AI Data Scientist capability. “Our aim at Markerr is to seamlessly integrate complex data science with practical business applications. The advancements experienced by The Dinerstein Companies validates our mission to make sophisticated rent forecasting and data-powered analysis both accessible and mission critical for business users across the real estate industry.”

The launch of Markerr’s AI Data Scientist comes at a time of rapid adoption of advanced analytics and automation to gain competitive advantage in the real estate sector. With multifamily rents projected to rise 7.1% nationally this year according to RealPage, accurate predictive modeling is more vital than ever.

Markerr’s groundbreaking AI Data Scientist is now available to all clients as part of the company’s Data Studio platform, cementing its position at the forefront of real estate analytics innovation. The solution promises to empower property investors, owners and operators of all sizes to leverage AI-driven insights and dramatically enhance performance.


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