Scottish Fishermen Trust Danish Expertise to Brave Harsh Seas

Scottish Fishermen Trust Danish Expertise to Brave Harsh Seas

When the seasoned Scottish fishermen of Lunar Fishing set sail for their challenging week-long fishing trips in the unpredictable waters of the North Sea and the Atlantic, they rely on ships crafted by Denmark’s renowned Karstensens Shipyard. To navigate the treacherous weather and high seas, they equip their vessels with CP-propulsion equipment, propellers, and thrusters from the market-leading Danish manufacturer, Hundested Propeller.

The partnership between Lunar Fishing and Karstensens Shipyard has proven to be a winning combination. Philip Stephen, a dedicated fisherman with nearly 16 years of experience, explains the significance of choosing Hundested Propeller’s top-of-the-line equipment:

“In the conditions we often operate in at sea, we must have full confidence in our boats. When the weather is at its worst, the stress on the engine can reach almost 100 percent. It goes without saying that we need extraordinary, high-quality equipment. Karstensens has long been a trusted supplier for us, and when they recommended Hundested Propeller, we weren’t in doubt. Their solutions have become a requirement for all our future ships because we know they can withstand the tension and stress they are exposed to.”

Kent Damgaard, director and marine engineer at Karstensens Shipyard, emphasizes the importance of innovative solutions to optimize fuel consumption and reduce the vessels’ CO2 footprint. Hundested Propeller’s expertise in designing propellers to provide the best possible solutions has made them an indispensable partner for over two decades.

As Lunar Fishing’s vessels spend over 8000 hours at sea each year, the ability to maximize time on the water and avoid downtime is critical. Philip Stephen lauds the rapid response time and excellent service provided by Hundested Propeller:

“We always bring spare parts on the boats, and we can deal with problems with machine parts while at sea. However, if the problem is more complex, it’s absolutely crucial that we can get support from the manufacturer right away. In my sixteen years of fishing, we only needed extended support once, and Hundested Propeller got us back up and running quickly after just one call.”

The trust in Hundested Propeller’s support and after-sales service has led Lunar Fishing to order two new large custom-built fishing boats from Karstensens Shipyard, scheduled for delivery in 2024. Both vessels will be equipped with Hundested Propeller’s reliable propulsion equipment, further cementing the bond between these two maritime pioneers.

The successful collaboration between Lunar Fishing, Karstensens Shipyard, and Hundested Propeller continues to navigate the challenging waters, exemplifying the power of international cooperation in the world of fishing and maritime technology.

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