UP42 Partners With GLOBHE to Expand Drone Data Offerings

Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn

UP42, a leading geospatial developer platform, today announced a partnership with GLOBHE, the world’s largest on-demand drone data marketplace. The agreement makes GLOBHE’s global archive of high-resolution drone imagery available through the UP42 marketplace.

The addition expands UP42’s existing data offerings, which include satellite, aerial, elevation, weather, marine traffic and radio frequency data. Based in Stockholm, GLOBHE relies on a network of over 9,500 professional drone operators to collect data across 142 countries.

“The addition of GLOBHE’s drone data underscores our commitment to being a one-stop-shop for geospatial data needs,” said Sean Wiid, CEO of UP42. “We carefully select partners who share our vision to deliver on this mission.”

Through the marketplace, UP42 customers can now access GLOBHE’s archive of historical drone data spanning over 100 countries. They can also initiate new data collection by submitting requests that are matched with authorized drone operators near specified locations.

Integrating the drone data into UP42’s catalog system simplifies search and management. Customers also benefit from advanced order tracking and delivery features when tasking drones through the platform.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with UP42, an organization at the forefront of geospatial innovation like GLOBHE,” said Helena Samsioe, CEO of GLOBHE. “This partnership represents a pivotal step in democratizing access to drone data so organizations globally can make more informed, sustainable decisions.”

Compared to satellites, airplanes and helicopters, drones provide a more affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly way to collect aerial data. Their high-resolution images enrich UP42’s remote sensing capabilities, capturing terrain details missed by other platforms.

This makes the drone data ideal for UP42’s customers in agriculture, environmental conservation, forestry and disaster response. GLOBHE’s global reach grants them access to localized data to inform decision making.

The partnership expands UP42’s push into drone data, complementing its existing satellite, aerial and other offerings. Customers can access the new drone archive and tasking services through the UP42 marketplace.

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