A Danish App Rockets to Success in the US

Photo by Lennart Uecker

In just a few short months, the Danish digital platform GoWish has rapidly gained over 887,000 users in the United States and has reached the No. 3 spot on the list of most downloaded free lifestyle apps, according to data from Apple.

GoWish, which allows users to create and share wish lists with family and friends, began an international expansion earlier this year. The concept has rolled out globally and found success in countries like the U.S., Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and Norway.

Now, just months after launching in the U.S., GoWish has secured the No. 3 ranking on Apple’s Top Free Apps in the lifestyle category and earlier this week hit No. 9 on the overall U.S. App Store’s Top Free Apps chart. It now ranks above major tech giants like Tinder, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

This meteoric rise is fueled by massive user growth. GoWish has gained 1.85 million users outside of Denmark, with 887,000 users now active in the U.S. alone. In just the first three weeks of November, over 400,000 new U.S. users joined. So far, American users have created over 26 million wishes involving brands like H&M, IKEA, Adidas, Nike and Sephora.

“It’s obviously a huge achievement for a Danish app to be at the very top of the list of most downloaded apps in the U.S.,” said Casper Ravn-Sørensen, CEO of GoWish. “The overwhelming number of users and wishes created has surpassed our expectations, and the warm embrace from the U.S. is especially encouraging.”

New Features Drive Growth

GoWish is known as Ønskeskyen in Denmark, where it originated before launching internationally in April 2023. It now has over 4.4 million global users.

The company aims to reach 35-40 million users within three years.

“This month we launched our new Gift Generator in the U.S., where users can find inspiration for wishes,” said Ravn-Sørensen. “The concept has already become a tremendous success in Denmark. It will undoubtedly serve as an engine to meet our ambitious growth goals.”

The Gift Generator allows users to browse wish list ideas and is the first of its kind globally.

GoWish now ranks third among the most downloaded apps in the Lifestyle category, behind only Drawnames and Pinterest, according to Apple data. Its meteoric growth has placed it ahead of tech staples like Alexa and Google Home as it continues its expansion worldwide.

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