ALLPLAN and Elevait Collaborate to Transform Construction Industry with AI Solutions

Photo by Joshua Sortino

ALLPLAN, a leading provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, has joined forces with Elevait, an AI enterprise software provider, in a technology partnership aimed at revolutionizing the construction and real estate sector’s access to project data. The partnership addresses the challenge of dealing with vast amounts of underutilized data in the construction industry. Elevait specializes in transforming data archives into valuable knowledge sources using AI, offering an intelligent search engine for documents like plans, contracts, and invoices. This collaboration promises increased efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage for construction companies, fundamentally altering how projects are planned, executed, and managed.

For years, the construction industry has been generating and archiving ever-increasing amounts of data. This applies to designers and contractors, but also to building owners and public organizations. 80 percent of this data is so-called dark data. This means that it is not being used to add value to the business and is also costing money. In particular, information in plan archives, data management systems and project rooms is distributed, difficult to search and often outdated and redundant.

This is where the partnership between ALLPLAN and elevait comes in. The AI start-up specializes in using AI to transform data archives into valuable sources of knowledge that create high added value for companies and public institutions. In its solution portfolio, elevait offers an intelligent search engine for proprietary documents such as plans, contracts, invoices, quotations and delivery notes. Through AI-based process management, the software reduces repetitive tasks and increases efficiency and quality within the company.

“The collaboration between ALLPLAN and elevait in the field of AI promises to be a game-changer in the construction industry. Through the efficient use of company data, construction companies can significantly increase their efficiency and productivity and gain a clear competitive advantage,” says Dr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN.

Dr. Günther Möckesch, Managing Director of elevait, adds: “This partnership promises to fundamentally change the way construction projects are planned, executed and managed. Innovative AI solutions will eliminate the dark figures of unused data and replace them with valuable knowledge. This will enable companies and public organizations to implement their projects more efficiently in terms of resources such as time, budget and material use.”

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