Baidu Secures License for Fully Driverless Ride-Hailing Service in Shenzhen

Baidu Secures License for Fully Driverless Ride-Hailing Service in Shenzhen

Baidu, a leading AI company, announced that it has obtained the necessary licensing to launch its commercial fully driverless ride-hailing service in Shenzhen. This significant milestone allows Baidu’s autonomous vehicles to operate as robotaxis without a safety operator present in the car, making Shenzhen the fourth city in China to offer such a service, following Wuhan, Chongqing, and Beijing.

With this license, Baidu’s Apollo Go robotaxis will serve commuters in an area spanning 188 square kilometers in Shenzhen from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Morning and evening commuters can conveniently access the service using the Apollo Go app or mini-program, as well as other platforms like Baidu Maps and Baidu App.

The expansion of Baidu’s commercial fully driverless ride-hailing service in Shenzhen marks a significant step in the company’s efforts to broaden its operations nationwide and lay the groundwork for future expansion to paying users across China.

In August 2022, Baidu became the first company in China to receive a permit to offer commercial fully driverless robotaxi services to the public on open roads. Since then, its Apollo Go robotaxis have been operating commercially in Chongqing and Wuhan, two of China’s largest cities. Baidu plans to deploy an additional 200 fully driverless robotaxis in 2023, establishing the world’s largest fully driverless ride-hailing area and contributing to the rapid development of China’s autonomous driving industry.

Apollo Go has garnered highly positive feedback from users, boasting an average user rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the Apollo Go app in Q1 2023. Impressively, 97.12% of ratings awarded the service a full 5 points. The platform has experienced rapid growth in its active user base and user engagement. In 2022, the number of active users nearly doubled compared to the previous year, and the percentage of users who took rides more than four days per month increased by 8.06%. By Q1 2023, Apollo Go had accumulated over 2 million rides, cementing its position as the world’s largest autonomous ride-hailing service provider.

The approval of Apollo Go’s fully driverless operations in Shenzhen reflects the city’s position as a leading hub for the intelligent connected vehicle industry. The expansion of Apollo Go in Shenzhen is expected to further invigorate this dynamic and innovative sector, building a stronger local industry ecosystem.

As autonomous driving technology continues to mature, Apollo Go remains committed to enhancing its capabilities and improving the user experience. The company is dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of autonomous driving and providing safe, comfortable, efficient, and convenient services to a growing number of consumers. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and its prominent role in China’s intelligent transportation industry, Baidu is poised to further solidify its position as a key player in this sector.

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