Built to Last: Bjelin’s Hardened Wood Floors Take Home Coveted Design Prize

Bjelin’s hardened wood 3.0

Bjelin, a global leader in hardwood flooring, was recently awarded Design Journal’s coveted Best Product award for 2023 for its groundbreaking hardened wood 3.0 series. This recognition from one of the most influential design industry publications affirms Bjelin’s commitment to developing exceptionally durable and sustainable wood flooring using state-of-the-art technologies.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have our newest hardened wood series singled out as the very best by such a prestigious organization,” said Fredrik Alfredsson, Bjelin’s Global Head of Sales. “Our company has always been driven by innovation, with the goal of creating beautiful yet extremely resilient wood floors that can stand up to generations of use.”

Design Journal’s Best Product award is given annually to recognize remarkable new releases in home and interior design. With over 30 years covering the latest trends and innovations, Design Journal has become a go-to resource for leading interior designers, architects, and facility managers around the world.

“For any new product to be named the very best by Design Journal’s panel of experts is an incredible achievement,” said Lisa Johnson, Editor in Chief at Design Journal. “Bjelin’s hardened wood 3.0 series really impressed us with its blend of cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and sheer beauty.”

The hardened wood 3.0 range represents a major advancement over Bjelin’s previous series, incorporating new colors, formats, and patented technologies developed by sister company Välinge Innovation. The secret behind the floors’ unmatched durability is Bjelin’s proprietary Woodura® technology, which produces planks that are three times stronger than traditional hardwood.

Remarkably, this incredible strength comes with a significantly reduced environmental impact. Through Woodura®, Bjelin uses only one-tenth the raw materials of conventional manufacturing methods to create each plank.

The wood floors also feature Välinge’s 5G Dry® locking system, allowing for quick and easy installation while preventing leaks between planks. The watertight seals are a game-changer for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other high-moisture areas.

Beyond the performance enhancements, the 3.0 series delivers on aesthetics with a diverse array of colors and plank sizes. Options range from the narrow Small planks to the dramatic XXL extra-wide planks, enabling customized looks for residential and commercial settings alike.

“With this product, we feel we’ve achieved the perfect balance between cutting-edge performance, responsible manufacturing, and beautiful design,” Alfredsson said. “We’re thrilled Design Journal agrees this is the pinnacle of hardwood flooring innovation. This honor motivates us even more as we continue pushing boundaries to create floors that impress for generations to come.”

The Best Product award caps off a banner year for Bjelin, which also took top honors in the sustainability category at the International Wood Awards 2022. As demand grows worldwide for its combination of high-tech durability and environmental responsibility, Bjelin seems poised to continue its reign as a leader in hardwood flooring.

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