Chapter.London: A Sustainable and Stylish Addition to the Fashion Scene

From the creative mind behind the popular maternity brand Lily and Ribbon comes a fresh fashion venture that is set to make waves. Tanya Patel, who brings her experience from retail giant M&S, has launched Chapter.London, a fashion brand that aims to redefine women’s fashion with its staple collection of stylish dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and trousers, perfect for the upcoming spring/summer season of 2023.

The latest collection from Chapter.London showcases a collection of bold leopard prints, leather-look trousers, and vibrant midi and maxi dresses, catering to sizes 8-20. What sets this brand apart is its commitment to sustainability. With sustainability at its core, Chapter.London utilizes certified OEKO-TEX materials and implements recycled packaging that is carbon neutral. Furthermore, the brand’s summer range is proudly designed and manufactured in England, ensuring a fully sustainable supply chain from end to end. The products are created with a remarkable 7-day turnaround time, enabling the brand to fulfill smaller minimum order quantities compared to fast fashion brands, thereby eliminating waste and preventing excess stock from ending up in landfills.

Tanya Patel, the visionary behind Chapter.London, expresses her excitement about the brand’s launch and its first summer collection. She emphasizes the brand’s commitment to size inclusivity, offering ranges in sizes 8-20, and emphasizes the importance of producing the summer collection in the UK. By collaborating with reputable British suppliers, Chapter.London reduces its carbon footprint, minimizes surplus stock, and maintains the ability to quickly introduce new products.

Drawing from her past experiences, particularly the challenges posed by Brexit and its impact on stock availability, Patel ensures that Chapter.London prioritizes designing and manufacturing its products closer to home. This decision not only contributes to a lower carbon footprint but also allows for better control over the production process, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced waste.

Chapter.London emerges as a fashion brand that not only delivers colorful and stylish womenswear but also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. With its focus on size inclusivity, commitment to local manufacturing, and dedication to sustainable practices, Chapter.London is poised to make a significant impact on the fashion industry. As Tanya Patel leads this exciting venture, she brings with her a vision of redefining what fashion can look like in the womenswear sector, all while maintaining a sustainable and socially conscious approach.

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