Cubbit Establishes Advisory Board with Notable Industry Experts to Drive International Expansion and Technological Integration

Cubbit, the pioneering force behind Europe’s first geo-distributed cloud storage enabler, has announced the formation of its advisory board, signaling an important step in the company’s growth. Joining as the board’s inaugural members are Alec Ross, Mikko Suonenlahti, and Nicolas Ott, esteemed leaders with extensive experience in the technology, cloud, and telecommunications sectors. These advisors will provide strategic guidance to support Cubbit’s international expansion efforts and identify opportunities for the company’s development.

Stefano Onofri, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Cubbit, highlights the significance of the new board members, stating, “In Alec, Mikko, and Nicolas, we have found proven international leaders who can support Cubbit’s ambitious expansion across Europe and into the US.” He further emphasizes that the expertise and drive exhibited by the Cubbit team have resulted in a groundbreaking technology that can be applied to various industries, including telecommunications, defense, manufacturing, and banking. The advisory board’s primary role will be to develop strategic technology integrations that significantly expand Cubbit’s market footprint.

Alessandro Cillario, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Cubbit, explains the company’s journey since launching the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program in Italy 18 months ago. The program has garnered significant market interest, with over 130 companies joining the network. Now, Cubbit aims to expand its offerings across Europe, driven by the increasing demand for technologies that prioritize data sovereignty and high security. The formation of the advisory board represents the first step in this pivotal growth phase, with additional announcements expected in the coming weeks.

Alec Ross, an American technology policy expert, entrepreneur, and author, brings a wealth of experience to the advisory board. Having served as Senior Advisor for Innovation to Hillary Clinton and played key roles in technology and media policy during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Ross offers expertise in building relationships with large enterprises. He currently holds board positions in companies specializing in technology, finance, education, human resources, and cybersecurity. Ross recognizes the vast potential in the cloud market, which is projected to exceed $1 trillion by 2027. He sees Cubbit as the European challenger poised to compete in this space and aims to leverage his advisory role to assist the company in building valuable partnerships.

Mikko Suonenlahti, a business builder with a long history of supporting tech founders, is excited to contribute his expertise in strategy, finance, corporate governance, and IPO readiness to Cubbit. Having served on approximately 100 boards across eight countries, Suonenlahti has been instrumental in the success of businesses that have achieved valuations exceeding €1 billion and embarked on Nasdaq US IPOs. He recognizes Cubbit’s unique proposition with its proprietary intellectual property, enabling the continuation of Moore’s Law of Storage. Suonenlahti’s experience witnessing the significant decline in storage costs during his career further fuels his belief in Cubbit’s ability to drive prices down even further.

Nicolas Ott, a seasoned professional in the telecommunications and IoT sectors, brings his expertise to the board as Senior Advisor to Ardian Infrastructure, partner of Inovexus early stage VC fund, and independent director at Totem Group. With the increasing ubiquity of 5G and FTTx networks, Ott identifies notable opportunities for telcos to generate new revenue streams and reduce costs. He recognizes Cubbit’s unique position in offering both cloud services with low operating and capital expenses and edge services that cater to the growing demand for edge cloud computing and 5G use cases. Ott sees Cubbit’s technology as a concrete solution for creating a distributed cloud storage network without the complexities associated with IT-side management. As an advisor to

the board, he aims to contribute his telco industry expertise to Cubbit’s strategic initiatives.

Cubbit’s impressive growth since the launch of the Next Generation Cloud Pioneers program is evidenced by its rapidly expanding customer base, which now includes more than 130 companies, enterprises, and institutions across various sectors. As the company continues to expand its team, it is also evolving its technology to become a facilitator of multi-cloud and edge solutions. The Cubbit DS3, a multi-tenant S3-compatible object store optimized for edge and multi-cloud use cases, sets itself apart by storing data across geo-distributed networks called Swarms. This approach enhances data security, resilience against downtime, ransomware, and hacker attacks. Furthermore, Cubbit’s technology utilizes recycled and dedicated computing and storage resources, providing cost-effective storage infrastructure while ensuring data sovereignty and avoiding vendor lock-in.

As a leading European deep tech scaleup, Cubbit has already made significant strides, raising over $10 million in funding and establishing a presence in more than 70 countries. Recognitions from esteemed organizations such as CERN, Mastercard, TIM, Next Generation Internet, and Climate KIC validate Cubbit’s innovative approach. Winning the EIT Digital Challenge Award 2021 and being selected among the top 30 European deep tech scaleups by EIC Scaling Up further solidify Cubbit’s position as a rising star in the industry. With the newly formed advisory board and its ongoing commitment to technological advancements, Cubbit is poised to make a lasting impact in the cloud storage market and beyond.

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