Cutting-Edge App Empowers Healthcare Workers with Real-Time Risk Assessmenta

Securing a safer working environment in the healthcare sector with the new Vismo app

The updated app offers location risk Insights with a gauge indicating safety levels based on real-time data from risk intelligence providers. It also includes more accurate GPS location tracking, an improved user interface for quick access to information, and enhanced diagnostic capabilities to ensure optimal device performance.

Vismo will launch the latest version of its Locate & Protect App at the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) Annual Conference and Exhibition at booth #713, April 29 – May 1, Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Universal Orlando.

Featuring improved support for new Android and iOS mobile devices including deploying the latest technology to swiftly access critical functions, the app also includes location risk Insights for the first time.

“Insights” includes a risk gauge to give users a quick-to-understand overview of safety levels in any location, based on real time intelligent location delivered by one or more risk intelligence providers. Use of the feature requires a licence with a risk provider such as Dataminr, Factal and Riskline.

Other new features include more accurate location testing to give a more useful GPS location to users. It achieves this through GPS tracking technology that enhances accuracy and precision via improved latitudinal and longitudinal coordinate measures regardless of where the user is.There is also (i) a new iteration of the user interface that enables quick and easy access to different activities and information, eliminating the need to navigate through different screens (ii) enhanced diagnosis and repair features to ensure the user’s device is working optimally.

The Vismo Locate & Protect App helps to promote a culture of safety and security within the healthcare industry, leading to better outcomes for employees.

IAHSS was established to foster and promote the welfare of the public through educational and scientific research and development of healthcare security and safety body of knowledge.

“Our approach to personal well being is closely aligned to the aims of IAHSS,” says Colin Dale, Vismo Global Sales Director. “In fact, it’s the driving force for us attending IAHSS Annual Conference and Exhibition for the first time with our full scope of location and tracking capabilities in the healthcare sector.

“Attendees are very welcome to visit us on booth #713 to see how we can help.” he adds.

Vismo is a global specialist in tracking and security solutions, enabling organisations to monitor and protect their employees, assets, and operations in real-time. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Vismo delivers advanced tracking technology that helps organisations to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of their personnel worldwide.

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