Didriksons, Swedish Jacket Brand, Marks 110-Year Anniversary with “Welcome to Our Hoods” Campaign

Didriksons, the Swedish jacket brand, is celebrating a remarkable milestone this autumn as it marks its 110-year anniversary. With their Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, Didriksons continues to build on its rich heritage of crafting jackets that withstand harsh weather conditions while prioritizing design, fit, and comfort. Rooted in their origins on the Swedish west coast, the brand has remained committed to protecting people from the elements. Their latest campaign, aptly titled “Welcome to our hoods,” pays homage to their coastal beginnings and takes place in the scenic setting of Lofoten on the Norwegian coast.

The new autumn collection from Didriksons tells a story of layering, featuring a range of cozy piles, shell jackets, and parkas designed to combat even the most extreme cold weather conditions. Drawing inspiration from the coastal nature that has always influenced their work, the collection boasts a palette of soft hues that harmonize beautifully. The brand’s design team has taken innovation to new heights, aiming to create enduring silhouettes and employing production processes that minimize water usage. As a result, many of the jackets are crafted from recycled materials and dyed using water-saving techniques. The padding in these jackets is made from 75-100% recycled materials and, in keeping with their commitment to sustainability, remains free from animal-derived materials. Furthermore, the majority of the jackets are fully waterproof and windproof, ensuring they can withstand the demands of the cold, wet, and blustery Nordic coastal weather.

Per Odqvist, Head of Product at Didriksons, explains the brand’s dedication to improving designs and materials both for wearers and the environment. Their design strategy prioritizes creating jackets that are built to last, and versatile enough to be worn on various occasions. Additionally, Didriksons is committed to employing production methods that promote a healthy environment for current and future generations.

Marc Eastmond, Creative Director at Didriksons, sheds light on the campaign’s name, “Welcome to our hoods.” It not only refers to the protective hoods featured on their jackets, shielding wearers from the Nordic autumn and winter elements, but it also symbolizes the brand’s roots. These “hoods” represent the rugged coastal areas where Didriksons was founded over a century ago. The campaign serves as an invitation, albeit metaphorical, to experience the enchanting coastlines that continue to inspire the brand’s purpose. In capturing the breathtaking beauty of Lofoten in Norway, one of the world’s most striking locations, Didriksons has brought to life the magnificence and dramatic allure of coastal scenery.

With their Autumn/Winter 2023 collection and the “Welcome to our hoods” campaign, Didriksons honours their 110-year legacy while remaining at the forefront of jacket design, sustainability, and functionality.

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