EIT Health Partners with Vinnova to Accelerate Precision Health Startups in Sweden and France

Photo by J Venerosy

EIT Health Scandinavia and EIT Health France, in collaboration with Vinnova, have announced the selection of five startups for the Swedish French Accelerator 2.0. These startups will receive tailored support over 12 months to access the French ecosystem, form collaborations, and accelerate their solutions in the French market.

The five companies will receive tailor made support during 12 months by EIT Health experts and the French partner network to access the French ecosystem, develop new collaborations and accelerate their solutions on the French market.

The launch of the accelerator takes place at Vinnova in Stockholm on 16 November with pitches by the selected companies and continues in Paris at Station F Incubator, the World’s largest start-up campus, during the AI for Health event on 22 November.

The companies’ solutions range from a mental healthcare app, epigenetic screening, diagnostics for lung cancer, cardiac monitoring system and training for health and well-being.

– We are developing the next generation of cardiac monitoring systems. Using new hardware and software we have been able to shorten waiting times for patients and reduce the workload for doctors in Sweden. We hope to get a better understanding of the French healthcare system and get the reimbursement structures in place through the accelerator, says Erik Rask, founder & CEO of MedBeat.

– We are a medical technology provider with a groundbreaking research-based AI method that produces independent mental health evaluations. We look forward to establishing new business relationships with key actors on the French market with high digital maturity and openness to innovation, says Katarina Kjell, Chief Psychologist Ablemind.

During the launch meeting in Stockholm on 16 November, the five companies will be introduced to the Swedish and French life science and healthcare ecosystem and will pitch their solution to the Health Innovation Agency, Secrétariat général pour l’investissement and PariSanté Campus where five major public players in scientific research and innovation in digital health are based.

The companies will exhibit and network in Paris at the world’s largest start-up campus, Station F and participate in the AI for Health. They will also participate in a round table on the harmonisation of Digital Medical Device evaluation in collaboration with French partners such as Digital Medical hub, Strammer, Voisin Consulting, In Extenso and Angels Santé.

Today, society’s resources are mainly spent on diagnosis and treatment, and very little on promotion and preventive measures. There are great opportunities to save money and give more people a longer life in health if we think differently. Earlier and more accurate diagnosis enables more effective treatment, which is of great value to individuals as well as for the economy.

As a country, Sweden invests three percent of the national GDP in research and innovation. Supported by unique national registers, monitored health data, and robust research infrastructure, Sweden has a proven ability to transform multi-disciplinary research into products and commercial growth. 99 % of all prescriptions in Sweden are digital and Sweden is the most innovative country in the EU and has overtaken the United States as the world’s second most innovative economy in 2023.

 Sweden and the world are facing important and complex health challenges. At the same time, new technologies and digitalisation are creating great opportunities for improved health and well-being. With this initiative, we want to boost these handpicked startups to engage in bold innovation cooperation that enables preventive, accurate and equal initiatives and allows more people to live a healthy life, says Laurent Saunier, Head of Precision Health, Vinnova.

France has one of the most dynamic health sectors in Europe and many opportunities open up for cooperation with the French government to create the efficiency of the health care system, especially for precision health solutions. The French healthcare sector represents €90 billion in revenues, 35% of which comes from exports and nearly 455,000 jobs, France is home to more than 3,100 life sciences businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to multinationals. In the “Healthcare Innovation 2030” strategy, €7,5 billion will be made available to promote innovative investments in healthcare.

– I am delighted to be able to contribute the resources and network of EIT Health to the five innovative Swedish start-ups to establish real connections and real outcomes with France, says Marc Julien, Managing Director, EIT Health France and Senior Director EIT Health Accelerator.

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