Employment Hero Unveils Swag, a Groundbreaking Employment Superapp Revolutionizing the Recruitment Experience

The Swag app - courtesy of Employment Hero

Employment Hero, a leading HR, payroll, and employee engagement platform, is set to transform the employment landscape with its revolutionary employment superapp, Swag. This world-first application aims to reinvent the entire employment relationship by offering AI-powered recruitment features that streamline the job search process for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and jobseekers. With a vast network of over 200,000 employers and 1 million employees, Swag simplifies talent acquisition, onboarding, and rewards.

Employment Hero’s core mission is to enhance and streamline employment for UK SMEs. Initially, the company focused on digitizing employment processes, providing a platform that ensures accuracy, compliance, and transparency in HR and payroll. With the introduction of Swag, Employment Hero aims to address the employee side of the equation, transforming the traditionally tedious task of job hunting into a better experience. Swag introduces two core features, namely “Work” and “Career,” seamlessly integrating the recruitment journey into a comprehensive employee experience.

The development of Swag is driven by the need to tackle two significant challenges in the current employment landscape:

1. The struggle for SMEs to find and retain employees: With a shortage of workers experienced by 13.3% of businesses, low UK unemployment rates at 3.9%, and stagnant economic growth, small businesses require support to stand out against larger companies with more significant resources and benefits.

2. The consumer cost of living crisis: Rising interest rates, inflation at 8.7%, and modest growth in employees’ average total pay at 5.9% all impact employee mental health and productivity. Swag aims to level the playing field by providing SMEs with advanced tools to attract and retain top talent, while also helping jobseekers and employees find rewarding roles.

Swag by Employment Hero addresses these pain points by utilizing AI to empower employers in streamlining key aspects of the recruitment process. This includes generating first-draft job descriptions, predicting future hiring needs, and matching eligible candidates with suitable roles. Swag also features a job board called Swag Jobs, granting SMEs free access to a pool of work-ready applicants without any posting or advertising costs.

For job seekers, Swag streamlines the job search process by generating first-draft cover letters, providing AI-powered job suggestions based on profiles and skills, offering one-click apply functionality, and automatically parsing CVs and resumes to eliminate manual data entry.

Once employed, Swag becomes the primary interface for work-related tasks, including time and attendance management, leave tracking, and rostering. Swag’s Work features enable employees to streamline onboarding administration and common HR inefficiencies by centralizing timesheets, payslips, leave requests, induction policies, and certifications in one location. The superapp also promotes reward and recognition initiatives, such as peer shoutouts and accredited personal achievements within the business.

Ben Thompson, Co-founder and CEO of Employment Hero, emphasized the company’s commitment to leveraging AI and applications like Swag to streamline and personalize the entire recruitment process. Thompson outlined the vision of Swag to assist employers in standing out in a competitive hiring market and help jobseekers eliminate time-consuming tasks associated with finding suitable roles.

Swag also introduces a first-of-its-kind Digital Employment Passport through Swag Career, allowing job seekers to create a digital profile and access thousands of job advertisements across multiple industries. Candidates can engage in interactive, real-time messaging with hiring managers throughout the recruitment journey, providing transparency and timely updates.

In addition to its current features, Employment Hero plans to introduce earned-wage access, a credit-free pay option, and employee discounts and rewards with high street and online brands in the UK, further enhancing the

benefits for both employers and employees.

With Swag, Employment Hero envisions a unique value proposition that encompasses finding and applying for jobs, being recruited, onboarded, managing work, and accessing benefits and perks that optimize pay. By automating manual tasks and enhancing the personal elements of the recruitment process, Swag empowers SMEs to focus on business growth while finding the best talent in the market.

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