Fisheries Development Oman Set to Showcase Omani Seafood at Major China Expo

Photo by Linda Robert

Fisheries Development Oman (FDO) and its subsidiaries will participate in the 26th China Fisheries & Seafood Expo from October 25-27 in Qingdao, China. The expo serves as a premier global seafood industry event.

FDO’s presence highlights Oman’s rising status as a leading fish exporter in the GCC region. It comes on the heels of a new cooperation protocol between Oman and China emphasizing food safety standards for bilateral seafood trade. This agreement cements Oman as a reliable global supplier and expands its international reach.

“Our participation underscores Oman’s pivotal role as a major fish producer and exporter,” said FDO’s Salim Al Ma’mari. “We aim to further elevate Oman by adhering to market standards, embracing best practices, and maintaining an environmentally responsible approach.”

At the expo, FDO expects to cultivate new partnerships, engage with buyers, explore distribution channels, and gain insights into trading mechanisms. With Chinese traders increasingly interested in Omani seafood, the event offers a prime opportunity to strengthen FDO’s reputation.

“We want to foster collaborations, secure deals, and attract investment in Oman’s vital fisheries and aquaculture sector,” Al Ma’mari said. “Our presence echoes our national vision of amplifying this industry globally.”

As an investment holding company, FDO plays a key role in developing Oman’s fisheries infrastructure and diversifying the sector. A recent milestone was the introduction of Acila, a sustainable fishing vessel.

FDO remains dedicated to driving economic growth while preserving the environment, in line with Oman Vision 2040. Its participation in the expo demonstrates the fisheries sector’s profitability and sustainability on a global scale.

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