FRENZI App Launches in UK, Promising Safer and More Affordable Rides for All


In a bid to revolutionize the taxi industry, FRENZI, a groundbreaking new taxi app valued at a staggering 76 million pounds, is set to hit cities across the United Kingdom this summer. The app, founded by Stephen Clark, aims to prioritize safety and affordability for both riders and drivers, introducing innovative features such as female-only driver options, immediate police notifications, and family accounts.

Clark, ecstatic about the app’s long-awaited debut, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m thrilled to bring FRENZI to market after years of app development. Our app is the first of its kind to hold positive driver experience in the same regard as positive rider experience. We want to transform the experience of using private hire apps for both riders and drivers alike.”

One of FRENZI’s key objectives is to ensure that drivers receive fair wages. The app’s flat commission fee of just 57p stands significantly below the market average and pales in comparison to industry titan Uber’s high percentages. Additionally, FRENZI will allow drivers to work for as many other apps or fleets as they desire while remaining signed up to FRENZI, empowering drivers to maximize their own profits.

Regarding the acceptance fee, Clark explained, “As the creator of FRENZI, I carefully considered several factors when deciding on the acceptance fee. Affordability was a significant concern for me as I wanted to make FRENZI the app that every driver favors. By setting the acceptance fee at 57p, I will strike a balance between ensuring the app’s sustainability and offering competitive pricing.”

He further emphasized, “Extensive market research played a crucial role in determining this fee. Analyzing the current market trends, competitive landscape, and driver issues and expectations enabled me to make an informed decision. The 57p acceptance fee not only surpasses other market standards, positioning FRENZI as the cost-effective option for drivers, but also allows for exceptional customer service, if not better, in some cases.”

Hassan Ahmed, a current driver for a competing app, expressed his anticipation for FRENZI, stating, “This will be life-changing for me as a driver; a flat acceptance fee is a breakthrough, offering complete trust and transparency, which is all we would ever want in a working environment. I have no idea how much a job costs the customer compared to what percentage is taken from me currently, and there’s no way of finding out.”

FRENZI is dedicated to transforming the rider experience by incorporating unique features based on market research, setting itself apart from its competitors. Safety remains a primary concern, driving the app’s innovative features. One such feature, “Mirror Your Loved One,” enables two users to connect and track each other’s driver, journey, and destination within the app.

Another safety feature that founder Stephen Clark believes will be widely utilized by riders is the ability to choose female drivers exclusively. In line with their commitment to protecting both drivers and riders, this option empowers drivers to accept rides solely from female users, thus promoting gender equality in an industry where women currently make up only 2% of all taxi drivers nationwide.

Clark emphasized the significance of this feature, stating, “The gender gap in the industry is a big issue that needs to be dealt with. One of the main barriers preventing women from pursuing a career in the private hire industry is the concern for their own safety. This feature, which prioritizes the safety of both our female drivers and passengers, is one of the ways we look to help close the gender gap in this industry.”

As FRENZI prepares to make its mark on the UK taxi market, riders and drivers alike eagerly anticipate the launch, hopeful that the app’s safety-oriented approach and commitment to fair pricing will deliver a truly transformative experience for all involved.

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