grüum Acquires Majority Stake in Everly Wellness, Expanding its Reach in Personal Care and Wellness Industries

grüum, the sustainable personal care brand that has been making waves in the industry with its affordable premium products, has made a significant move by acquiring a majority stake in Everly Wellness, a leading supplier of personalized vitamins and supplements. This strategic acquisition marks grüum’s expansion into the vitamin and wellness market and reinforces its commitment to offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products.

To secure its position in the supplement industry, grüum has invested a substantial six-figure sum in acquiring Everly Wellness. By incorporating Everly into its portfolio, grüum will leverage the expertise of its four co-founders, Simon Leonard, Andy Shaw, Beth Sleigh, and George Lagonikas, who previously worked together at Simon’s previous startup. This collaboration aims to solidify Everly’s standing in the market and capitalize on the growing demand for personalized nutrition and wellness solutions.

grüum, established in 2016, has gained recognition for its sustainable and gender-neutral personal care offerings, including razors, skincare, haircare, bodycare, and dental products. The brand has experienced rapid growth in the UK, propelled by its core range of low and zero waste items. In the past year, grüum achieved significant milestones, such as winning awards from trade and consumer media and selling an impressive half a million units of its plastic-free shampoo bars. From its humble beginnings with a team of four, the Stockport-based brand has now expanded to nearly 40 employees within a span of six years.

With its disruptive approach to the multi-billion-pound personal care industry, grüum’s acquisition of Everly represents a strategic move to enhance its product offerings for consumers. As the group sets its sights on expansion and growth in 2023, grüum aims to capitalize on the market’s potential. Projections indicate that the brand is poised for a 30% increase in turnover this year, further cementing its position as one of the industry’s key players.

Everly Wellness, founded by brothers Jason and Dexter Grima in 2017, specializes in personalized vitamin and supplement subscriptions, delivering them conveniently in daily pouches. As majority stakeholders in Everly, grüum plans to provide support and elevate the brand’s status as the go-to choice for consumers seeking a premium vitamin and supplement service that caters to their individual needs. Everly distinguishes itself by offering personalized nutritionist-developed plans, ensuring customers receive the exact vitamins and supplements they require.

Commenting on the acquisition, Andy Shaw, co-founder of grüum, expressed his enthusiasm: “Everly is a perfect addition to our growing group as grüum continues to expand. Their premium wellness products and proprietary personalization technology will undoubtedly strengthen and enhance our direct-to-consumer proposition. By challenging the mainstream narrative in the personal care category, we remain an agile and dynamic ecommerce brand. We are excited to collaborate with Jason and Dexter, who will provide valuable advisory roles as we drive the brand toward becoming one of the market leaders in tailored nutrition and wellness.”

Jason Grima, co-founder of Everly, also shared his thoughts on the merger: “As a family-run business, Everly was born from an idea that quickly transformed into a successful brand with a loyal following. We are thrilled to see Everly become part of the grüum group and join forces with Andy and his team, who share our dedication to delivering premium products focused on health and well-being. While we will continue to advise Everly closely, we eagerly anticipate watching the brand flourish under grüum’s leadership during its next phase of growth.”

This acquisition represents a significant milestone for grüum and Everly Wellness, setting the stage for their joint pursuit of excellence in the personal care and supplement industries. As grüum continues to disrupt the market with its sustainable

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