Breaking Walls: How One Company is Transforming the Face of Genderless Fashion

How One Company is Transforming the Face of Genderless Fashion

16-year-old founder Neha Sikder is out to transform the face of fashion with her new genderless clothing brand, Desoire. The high schooler turned entrepreneur is on a mission to redefine genderless fashion as more than just masculine, shapeless cuts. With bold, minimalist designs and a commitment to sustainability, Sikder aims to empower people of all genders to embrace who they are through self-expression. Her story shows that age is just a number when you have a passion for change.


Desoire, a female-founded clothing brand, is changing the face of fashion as we know it. The company aims to redefine genderless fashion as more than masculine, shapeless cuts. Founded by 16-year-old Neha Sikder, Desoire demonstrates that genderless fashion can be accessible to a broader consumer base beyond traditional marketing norms.

Neha Sikder, a high schooler, athlete, and business owner, is driven by the spirit of changing the world. With determination to rewrite the rules, she set upon her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14, with a mission she felt so strongly about: rewriting the rules of self-expression.

The concept of genderless fashion isn’t a new one; for millennia, men and women in cultures across the globe have worn what many in modern society consider “feminine” clothing. The Scots sport kilts while men in the Indian culture wore skirts, none of which had anything to do with their clothing’s gender.

That’s what Desoire is all about. Breaking past the concept that fashion is tied to a person’s gender identity and normalizing it as a form of personal expression.

A Passion for Change

Desoire was inspired by anger for the limited diversity in the unisex clothing market. The company’s founder, Neha Sikder, was tired of the industry’s lack of stylish, genderless fashion. When it came to daring styles, the same baggy, masculine cuts were promoted, barely scratching the surface of what’s possible. People don’t have to be limited to baggy jeans, sweatpants, and graphic tees when it comes to unisex fashion. So, Sikder set out with one goal in mind: promoting femininity for all genders, pushing back against traditional masculine perspectives, with a strong community rallying behind Desoire.

Not for the Timid

Admittedly, Desoire isn’t for everyone. The brand is created for the bold, those who never take no for an answer. The effortless styles are crafted for those brave enough to push back against the norm while embracing sophistication and minimalism. Desoire aims to thrust people out of their comfort zones into more daring looks. The company strives to normalize feminine garments for everyone, breaking the molds promoted by traditional fashion brands. The palettes are sleek, modern, and monochromatic, with moody, dark, and earthy tones. It is simplistic, effortlessly showcasing the elegant nature of fashion.

We see this vision come to life in the brand’s flagship top, cheekily named “The Cropped One.” Crafted from sumptuous Tencel Modal, it features a one-sleeved design in the brand’s signature style. It offers effortless sophistication to the wearer with breathable fabric that drapes flawlessly across the skin, accentuating and highlighting the beauty of all human bodies. Where once companies would have only marketed this top to women, Desoire proudly features a stunning male model showcasing its versatility and highlighting the beauty of truly genderless fashion.

Desoire’s clothing accentuates, rather than detracts from the human physique, creating confidence and proving fashion is not stagnant or shallow. Rather, it is multi-faceted and interesting, ever-evolving and shattering the barriers of society. But to do that, a brand must seek to set an example in all areas, not only in their designs, a truth that Sikder realized from the onset. Despite her young age, she understood that to truly create an inclusive brand, she must design it to care for the planet and showcase that fashion can be the cure that unites and inspires all of humanity.

Embracing Sustainability

Arguably, one of Desoire’s most impressive feats is embracing zero-waste, sustainable, and ethical practices. In a world of fast fashion, finding a brand committed to caring for the earth is, unfortunately, rare. It uses sustainable fabric options crafted from recycled, biodegradable, and organic materials like Tencel Modal, a biodegradable beechwood-based fiber found in some of its most popular items.

The company doesn’t stop there. Desoire proudly uses the DECODE zero-waste pattern engineering process. DECODE manufacturing, created by Danielle Elsener, features clothing patterns that utilize every inch of fabric, saving around 15% of the material that manufacturers typically discard.

From manufacturing to packaging, Desoire goes above and beyond, using 100% recycled LDPE and HDPE poly mailers. This specially curated packaging requires less energy for production without emitting harmful fumes, making it better for both the planet and the consumer.

Transforming the Future of Fashion

Desoire is out to prove that feminine and masculine energies can and should coexist. Creating genderless styles for everyone is just the beginning. The company seeks to create a community that empowers and inspires fearless living. Where preconceived notions are broken, and the status quo challenged. As Sikder states, “Without a desire for change, and a yearning to push back against norms, our society will never evolve.”

While some may question the impact one brand can make on the fashion industry, Sikder is determined to prove that pushing boundaries and reinventing the standard quo is how we build a better tomorrow. Desoire is about viewing one’s potential, seeing past the superficial, and finding value within. It isn’t a person’s masculinity or femininity that determines their worth, but rather their character. This philosophy ensures Desoire will change the face of fashion and usher in a brighter tomorrow we can all feel proud of.

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