Korean Organic Anticancer Brand, iN Natural Dream, Pioneers Plastic-Free Water with “Deep Water” Cartons

Korean Organic Anticancer Brand, iN Natural Dream, Pioneers Plastic-Free Water with "Deep Water" Cartons

Deep Water from iN Natural Dream, a Korean organic anticancer food brand, is receiving much attention. Deep Water is carton water launched by iCOOP’s food brand iN Natural Dream in alignment with World Environment Day in 2021. Deep Water is carton-packed mineral-rich deep seawater deep down from more than 600m without heavy metals and microplastics (45μm standards).

Carton packages are safe from harmful substances such as microplastics, even when exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. Instead of focusing on plastic reduction and recycling, iN Natural Dream focuses on the fundamental problem of the indiscriminate use of plastic water bottles. It recycles used cartons into toilet papers or building panels. Cartons have replaced plastics as eco-friendly materials as the amount of carbon generated during the production and disposal process is about one-third lower than that of plastic bottles.

Moreover, Deep Water features price competitiveness to Korean consumers sold at a similar price to plastic bottled water.

“Many studies show that microplastics can be fatal to cancer patients to the extent of resisting anticancer drugs”, iN Natural Dream said. “As the resumed fifth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-5.2) adopted an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, we are looking for ways to curb the use of plastic from the production stage. We produce drinking water good for both people and the planet.”

Well-received for its safety and eco-friendliness, Deep Water has recently made its way to Japan. It even presents competitiveness with a price about 7% lower than other famous imported bottled water brands in Japan.

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