LTK Research Reveals Influencer Collaborations Fuel Sales Growth for Brand Marketers

In a groundbreaking study commissioned by LTK, the renowned creator-guided shopping platform that has been responsible for generating over £3.2 billion in annual sales for brands worldwide, new research has unveiled the significant impact of influencer collaborations on brand success. According to the study conducted by YouGov, an impressive two-thirds of brand marketers who engaged with influencers reported a substantial increase in sales.

The survey, which targeted senior decision-makers within UK brands, highlights that 38% of respondents actively involve influencers in shaping their product decisions, while 31% have witnessed a notable enhancement in brand sentiment as a result of these partnerships.

Leading brands such as Elemis, Karen Millen, and Abercrombie & Fitch have experienced remarkable sales growth and an elevated brand profile by investing in collaborations with LTK Creators.

Despite economic uncertainty and budget constraints affecting marketing expenditures, the research conducted by YouGov reveals that 54% of UK businesses currently investing in influencer marketing have expanded their budgets this year. These brands have witnessed tangible business impacts from their influencer marketing campaigns, leading them to allocate more resources to this increasingly valuable marketing strategy.

While marketing budgets across various sectors face scrutiny, influencer marketing has demonstrated remarkable resilience. Brands have recognized its power to boost brand awareness (69%), drive online traffic and clicks (62%), and extend reach and engagement on social media platforms (46%).

Robin Ward, Head of Sales at LTK Europe, commented, “The positive results revealed in this study come as no surprise. LTK’s 12-year experience in working with brands and supporting creators’ businesses has consistently shown how data-driven campaigns can deliver a wide range of metrics, contributing to business growth and development. Our focus remains on connecting brands with creators to authentically reach their customers through the power of creator-guided shopping.”

The research also highlights that nearly two-thirds of marketers (62%) directly attribute their sales growth to influencer marketing. Abercrombie & Fitch, a global retailer, witnessed an astounding 56% year-on-year increase in campaign sales through their collaboration with LTK, resulting from increased and ongoing investments in influencer campaigns. Hanne Fiksdal, Senior Marketing Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch, stated, “Partnering with LTK allows us to closely work with creators who drive additional engagement and awareness for our brand. This relationship helps us achieve our campaign objectives while providing more opportunities for customers to shop with us through LTK Creators.”

Looking ahead, brands investing in influencer marketing have outlined their priorities for the next 12 months, including a focus on increasing video content created by influencers (54%), embracing more diverse casting (46%), and further investing in micro-influencers (31%).

As consumers increasingly favor video content over still images on social media, with 73% of Gen Z actively watching creator videos, the importance of short-form videos in driving sales growth has become evident. Marketers have responded by significantly increasing investment in short-form video campaigns with LTK Creators, resulting in a remarkable five-fold increase compared to the previous year.

Moreover, marketers are shifting their approach from one-off campaigns to always-on partnerships (38%) with influencers. Brands such as Elemis have successfully transitioned to this full-funnel strategy with LTK, leading to a remarkable revenue boost of nearly a third within just a few months.

The research also sheds light on the barriers faced by marketers who have yet to explore influencer collaborations. Almost half of non-investors express a need for more awareness regarding the value of influencer marketing, while 20% of senior decision-makers are uncertain about measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing activities. The ability to access performance data and demonstrate measurable outcomes becomes crucial in optimizing creator campaigns and showcasing the success of influencer marketing.

Karen Millen, a prominent high street clothing brand, effectively utilized LTK’s real-time tracking and sales reporting during a recent campaign, leading to an impressive month-on-month sales increase of 114%. April Roberts, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Boohoo Group, emphasized the significance of creator commerce, stating, “Partnering with LTK highlights the significance of creator commerce as we work together, alongside their high-performing creators, to increase brand awareness and sales. Measurement is a cornerstone of all our campaign success, allowing us to see multiple sides of value when it comes to influencer marketing and reporting on its wider impact on our business aims.”

Beyond the realm of sales and marketing channels, investments in influencer marketing have also contributed to brand growth and business development. Marketers highlight its role in informing product decisions (38%) and improving brand sentiment (31%). Additionally, influencers are being utilized beyond social media, with their involvement in event amplification (46%), video advertising (38%), and in-store marketing and activations (31%) showcasing the multifaceted impact of influencer collaborations.

In a rapidly evolving marketing landscape, LTK’s research provides valuable insights into the growing significance of influencer collaborations in driving sales growth and enhancing brand success. As brands continue to recognize the value of these partnerships, the influence of creators on consumer behavior is set to shape the future of marketing strategies worldwide.

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