Medallia’s AI Investments Yield Remarkable Milestones: Over One Million Weekly Active Users and 60 Billion Experience Signals

Medallia, a global leader in customer and employee experience, is reaping the rewards of its substantial $750 million investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) over the past two years. The company has achieved impressive milestones as a result of these investments, with over one million active weekly users benefiting from its AI-driven capabilities. These capabilities have been honed through the analysis of more than 60 billion experience signals.

At the heart of this achievement is Medallia’s Experience Cloud, a leading enterprise experience platform adopted by renowned global brands. This platform captures signals from various interactions, such as in-person, digital, contact center, social media, transactional, and operational data. The insights gained from these signals are then shared across an organization in real-time, empowering everyone from frontline staff to senior leaders to make informed decisions and take swift action. Through the power of AI, Medallia enables the delivery of personalized experiences at scale.

Unlike companies that are just starting to invest in AI, Medallia has been leveraging AI for over 15 years to enhance customer and employee experiences, increase loyalty and retention, and improve operational efficiencies. This investment has culminated in the recent milestone of having one million weekly AI users accessing insights derived from the extensive pool of experience signals.

Joe Tyrrell, Chief Executive Officer of Medallia, stressed the significance of this accomplishment: “Having invested over $750 million in the past two years, combined with our deep domain expertise and proprietary data, enables our clients to automatically generate more personalized and unique experiences that lead to deeper relationships.”

Medallia’s AI capabilities encompass Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) across numerous languages, action-oriented machine learning models, and an extensive array of pre-learned topics for personalized experiences.

Central to Medallia’s success is its intuitive and inclusive AI, named Athena, which spans thousands of functionalities for various user roles while safeguarding customer data. This AI serves both data scientists and non-technical frontline users, enabling effective root cause analysis, swift action-taking, and positive impact on essential business metrics.

Tyrrell previewed Medallia’s forthcoming AI developments with Athena, including predictive and proactive intelligence integration for enhanced customer and employee experiences. The company’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its focus on generative AI capabilities that will further empower users, streamline processes, and drive intelligent, automated actions.

The achievement of over one million weekly active AI users and the analysis of 60 billion experience signals underscore Medallia’s dedication to AI-driven advancements, setting the stage for the next wave of AI-powered technology for enhancing experiences across organizations.

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