Organic Evolution: Food Processing Distributor Nelson-Jameson Receives Organic Certification

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Nelson-Jameson, a leading food processing distributor with roots in dairy production supplies, announces its Organic Certification from Oregon Tilth, a nationally recognized provider of certification services and education. Nelson-Jameson’s certification verifies that it meets the standards of the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), which develops and governs the rules and compliance regulations for the production, handling, labeling, and enforcement of all USDA organic products. The company received the NOP-Handling certification for a specified range of organic products and ingredients and has plans to continue expansion of its organic product line services.

“We are proud to support our customers with this organic food handling certification and play a part in meeting the growing demand for organic products,” says Mike Rindy, President of Nelson-Jameson.  “Nelson-Jameson is committed to fostering sustainable business practices and safeguarding America’s food supply, and the NOP-Handling certification aligns with our dedication to sustainability and safety.”

To promote food safety, the USDA introduced a new Food Traceability Rule in 2023. It requires companies that manufacture, process, pack, or store foods on the Food Traceability List to maintain and provide specific information, called Key Data Elements (KDE), to its supply chain partners. Nelson-Jameson’s customers supplying organic foods and/or ingredients must show that the company is certified as an organic handler in their supply chain traceability.
As an industry, organic food products surpassed the $60 billion mark in 2022, and the pace of growth continues to accelerate. Demand was rising even during peak periods of recent inflation. This growth, coupled with the USDA’s Food Traceability Rule, positions Nelson-Jameson for further expansion in its organic product capabilities.

“Nelson-Jameson has adapted to growth and change for over 75 years, while maintaining a culture of integrity and operating with respect for our communities, employees, and the planet. Our NOP-Handling certification is another way we will continue to deliver the exceptional to our customers,” says Rindy.

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