Pioneering Graphene Project Aims to Develop Sustainable Solutions for Environmental Challenges

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng

A groundbreaking new research initiative, the Graphene Innovation and Competitiveness Alliance in Europe (GIANCE), commenced operations on October 1st with the ambitious goal of establishing sustainable graphene-based materials and applications to address pressing environmental challenges.

GIANCE, a consortium of 23 partners from 10 European countries, is working to design, develop and scale up next-generation composites, coatings, foams and membranes using graphene and related materials. These advanced materials are engineered for enhanced properties like wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, providing functionalities needed in transportation, energy and water treatment applications.

The project aims to improve manufacturing processes, synthesis methods and environmental sustainability for these materials, with the ultimate goal of creating commercially viable propositions ready for industry adoption. GIANCE is strategically positioned to catalyze innovation in the EU graphene scene and elevate the technology to new levels of real-world impact.

“GIANCE has tremendous potential to yield economic and societal benefits by stimulating new high-value products that utilize graphene,” said John Smith, GIANCE Project Coordinator, at the kickoff meeting on October 1st.

The ambitious initiative brings together leading manufacturers, research institutions and innovative startups across the entire graphene value chain. GIANCE is funded under the EU’s Horizon Europe program as part of the Graphene Flagship, which spearheads efforts to advance graphene-based technologies.

The project’s focus aligns with European strategic interests to establish a competitive graphene industry. By facilitating the transition of graphene from lab research to industrial production, GIANCE aims to pave the way for transforming technological advancements into concrete innovation opportunities to strengthen European companies.

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