Royal Jordanian Launches New “Voice of the Customer” Program to Enhance Passenger Experience

Royal Jordanian (RJ) announced today the introduction of its innovative “Voice of the Customer” program, powered by technology from Medallia, a global leader in customer and employee experience, and delivered in collaboration with Kantar. This cutting-edge initiative aims to elevate the end-to-end journey for passengers across RJ’s extensive flight network, encompassing 141 destinations.

Samer Majali, Vice Chairman, and CEO of Royal Jordanian expressed, “Improving the customer experience is at the heart of RJ’s mission, as we strive to enhance our business performance and deliver a world-class quality product at every touchpoint of the journey. Our new Voice of the Customer program has already engaged with various customer segments, yielding over 17,000 valuable feedback pieces. We will leverage these insights to propel the RJ brand towards even higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

The new Voice of the Customer program implemented by RJ is set to capture feedback from flyers starting from the moment of booking until they reach their final destination, obtaining insights at eight crucial touchpoints throughout the entire journey. By employing the Medallia Experience Cloud, along with its advanced AI-powered text analytics capability, RJ will effectively identify key trends in passenger feedback and utilize these findings to drive significant improvements to the customer journey for their ever-growing base of flyers.

Eduardo Crespo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East at Medallia, remarked, “Gathering feedback and acting on that insight is the cornerstone of every successful CX strategy. Royal Jordanian has recognized the value of a comprehensive CX program, and we are delighted to be working alongside Kantar to help RJ realize their vision of customer centricity.”

Kantar, an esteemed partner in this endeavor, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Medallia. Satish Dave, Executive Director, Customer Experience, Kantar MENA, stated, “Kantar is very excited to partner with Medallia to deliver a best-in-class NPS program to Royal Jordanian. We see the power of combining customer feedback with RJ’s internal data, helping them take focused actions, gaining a full journey view, and obtaining experience ratings at each touchpoint. This will enable RJ to enhance the flyer experience effectively and positively impact business outcomes.”

Royal Jordanian’s commitment to optimizing passenger satisfaction through this groundbreaking program reflects its dedication to meeting the ever-evolving expectations of modern travelers. By harnessing valuable feedback and leveraging advanced technology, RJ endeavors to remain at the forefront of the airline industry, providing an exceptional flying experience for its discerning customers.

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