Sexual Health Pioneer, VerifiedMD, Introduces First STD Verification Badge

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VerifiedMD, a leading innovator in sexual health services, has launched the industry’s first verificationbadge. The VerifiedMDbadge empowers individuals totake ownership of their sexual health through a discreet, yet tangible symbol to show they are within normal limits on the day of STD testing.

To be eligible for the VerifiedMDbadge, VerifiedMD provides a one-of-a-kind concierge testing servicethat allows for convenient, professional testing of six common STDs. Testing is done either at home by a medical professional or at a nearby lab followed by fast results that are delivered to users via an online customer portal.Those that receive the “all clear” will get immediate access to theirVerifiedMDbadge, and if a test is positive, medical professionals will discuss the details with the user.

“We understand the importance of open and honest conversations about sexual health among partners.We also understand how uncomfortable those conversations can be,” said Marc Cohen, M.D., Board Certified Urologic Surgeon and Medical Advisor for VerifiedMD. “The VerifiedMD badge makes those conversations a lot easier, and promotes not only personal safety, but community safety.”

Sexcare is self-care, and it’s a form of respect for yourself and others. Users are encouraged to showcase the exclusive badge with partners, potential partners, and on their dating profiles – it’s like having the STD conversation without ever saying a word. This is a critical offering for today’s dating world where talking about STD status can be awkward. The VerifiedMDbadge enables transparent confirmation of sexual health status without the associated emotions.

Additional features of the VerifiedMD service include:

  • The badge is active for one year and displays your first name, last initial and date of testing (but we recommend quarterly testing)
  • It comes with a shareable link that verifies normal results without sharing any confidential information
  • In partnership with BioReference, one of the largest full-service specialty labs in the United States, concierge testing is done either at home or in a laboratory near you
  • When scheduling a test, users register online and choose their preferred location, then verify their identity in person before the appointment
  • The test screens for six STDs, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, Hep B and Hep C
  • Results are usually available in 3-5 days, but could be available as soon as the day after testing

With the VerifiedMDbadge, VerifiedMD’s goal is to normalize regular STD testing, encourage proactive sharing of results with sexual partners to limit the risk of infection, and finally see the STD rate decline once and for all.

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