Shaka Guide Launches Self-Guided Audio-Driving Tour of Yellowstone National Park

Photo by Lucas Parker

Shaka Guide, renowned for its highly-rated travel apps in Hawaii, has unveiled its latest addition: a self-guided audio-driving tour of America’s first national park, Yellowstone. This extensive tour is the company’s largest to date, featuring a remarkable 110 stops and over 400 audio points.

Andrew Fowers, CEO and co-founder of Shaka Guide, expressed his enthusiasm for the Yellowstone National Park Tour, which has been a year in the making. “It has gone through hundreds of hours of research, edits, and production,” Fowers stated, “and we can’t wait for travellers to discover the stories and sites of Yellowstone with Shaka Guide by their side.”

Shaka Guide offers an immersive travel experience at an affordable price, combining storytelling with GPS navigation to unlock the natural beauty and rich history of Yellowstone. Priced at $11.99, the tour provides hours of engaging narration. The app utilizes GPS audio points to automatically trigger narration while driving or walking, effectively transforming your smartphone into a personal tour guide.

The Yellowstone National Park Tour offers four starting points, including the park’s East, West, South, and Northeast entrances. The tour is fully customizable, accommodating visitors with varying durations of stay, whether it be one hour, one day, or even one week in Yellowstone. Travellers can embark on the tour in any direction from any starting point, ensuring a comprehensive and guided exploration of the park.

Shaka Guide’s Yellowstone National Park tour is designed to enhance the visitor’s experience by providing valuable information on key points of interest, suggested hikes, responsible travel practices, and lesser-known areas within the park.

Tour highlights encompass a range of iconic destinations, including the Mammoth Hot Springs and its nearby attractions, the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, prime wildlife viewing sites such as Lamar Valley and Hayden Valleys, and the renowned Upper Geyser Basin featuring the famous Old Faithful. Additionally, the tour includes unique attractions like Roaring Mountain, Maiden’s Grave, and the picturesque Firehole River, as well as lesser-known gems such as Lake Butte Overlook and Fishing Bridge. With Shaka Guide, visitors not only visit these remarkable spots but also receive hand-crafted stories and narratives about the locations they explore, aligning with the company’s mission to connect people with places through storytelling.

An advantageous feature of the Shaka Guide app is its offline functionality, ensuring access to offline maps, directions, stories, and travel tips even in areas with limited connectivity within the park. This allows travellers to fully enjoy their Yellowstone experience regardless of connectivity.

For visitors planning to explore both Yellowstone and the neighbouring Grand Teton National Park, Shaka Guide has also launched a new Grand Teton National Park Tour. Both tours are available as a bundle for $14.99.

Fowers emphasized the role of Shaka Guide as a local friend and expert companion during the Yellowstone adventure. “When you think of Shaka Guide, imagine we’re your local friend showing you around the park,” Fowers said. “We want to be your go-to Yellowstone travel companion app to help you make the most of your adventure.”

To access the Yellowstone National Park Tour, travellers can download the Shaka Guide app from the App Store or Google Play or make a purchase directly on the Shaka Guide website at

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