Table Needs Introduces Next-Business-Day Point-of-Sale Deposits, Revolutionizing Restaurant Payments

Table Needs Introduces Next-Business-Day Point-of-Sale Deposits, Revolutionizing Restaurant Payments

Table Needs, a prominent provider of restaurant technology and business services for quick-service restaurants, cafes, and food trucks, has made an exciting announcement today regarding the launch of next-business-day point-of-sale (POS) deposits. This innovative feature allows restaurant owners and food truck operators to receive payments from credit card transactions in as little as one day, as part of the standard operations of the Table Needs Point of Sale system.

The introduction of faster POS deposits brings significant financial control and flexibility to quick-service restaurant, cafe, and food truck owners. By utilizing the Table Needs POS system for sales and credit card processing, restaurateurs no longer have to endure the wait of multiple days before being able to manage important financial aspects such as payroll or restocking inventory. With faster deposits, they gain the freedom to allocate resources to other critical areas of the business, such as marketing initiatives and growth opportunities.

Ben Simmons, the CEO of Table Needs, explains the benefits of this development, stating, “Waiting around for hard-earned deposits to drop into accounts puts stress on multiple areas of a business and inhibits growth. Our goal here at Table Needs is to make running a restaurant or food truck easier, and offering next-day transfers directly contributes to that mission.”

The next-business-day transfer schedule, seamlessly integrated with the Table Needs point-of-sale system, ensures a smooth and efficient process. Payments are automatically deposited into linked accounts as follows: transactions made from Monday through Thursday will be deposited on the next business day, transactions made on Friday will be deposited on the following Monday, and transactions made on Saturday and Sunday will be deposited on the following Tuesday.

David Frahm, the COO of Table Needs, emphasizes the importance of providing quicker and more secure payouts, stating, “Delivering quicker, more secure payouts is essential to having a thriving business, and we are thrilled to deliver a fantastic solution with next-day transfers.”

The system simplifies the deposit process by batching transactions that occur within a specific time frame. For example, all credit card payments made between 12 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Monday will be bundled together and transferred to a linked account by Tuesday morning. Instead of multiple small transactions, next-day transfers are delivered as a single transaction per day, minimizing the possibility of errors and oversights, while also safeguarding accounts from fraudulent activity. This ensures that quick-service restaurant owners and food truck operators can maintain their financial security with ease.

Table Needs has truly revolutionized the restaurant payments landscape with the introduction of next-business-day POS deposits. This groundbreaking feature provides restaurateurs with newfound financial control, enabling them to streamline their operations, drive growth, and focus on what they do best — serving their customers.

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