The Most In-Demand Industries for Job Seekers, According to New Data


New data reveals that the education and healthcare industries currently have the most job openings in the United States as of September 2023, according to a recent analysis by personal finance experts at Wealth of Geeks.

The data, collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), shows that the education and health services industry has the highest number of job openings at 1.931 million. This sector includes popular roles like registered nurses, who earn an average salary of $92,688 per year, nursing assistants with an average salary of $44,614, and healthcare managers who make approximately $77,714 annually.

Following closely behind is the professional and business services industry with 1.632 million openings. This field encompasses jobs like administrative assistants, who earn around $50,625 per year, accountants with an average salary of $62,273, and lawyers who make approximately $97,265 on average.

The leisure and hospitality industry comes next with 1.414 million openings. Common jobs in this sector include event managers, who earn an average of $60,825 per year, servers who make approximately $46,007 annually, and hotel managers with an average salary of $60,911.

Additional top industries for job seekers include trade, transportation, and utilities (1.397 million openings), government (983,000 openings), financial activities (647,000 openings), manufacturing (627,000 openings), and construction (431,000 openings).

Some standout roles in these fields include electricians ($62,442 average salary), commercial drivers ($78,898), federal correctional officers ($38,805), investment consultants ($76,355), manufacturing engineers ($84,746), and construction project managers ($92,967).

The data reveals that as of September 2023, there are a total of 9.553 million job openings across all industries in the United States. This shows a decrease from 10.854 million openings in September 2022, but an increase from 9.497 million openings in August 2023.

“It is valuable to be aware of the job market by industry in today’s current climate,” said Michael Dinich, a spokesperson for Wealth of Geeks. “If you’re looking for a change in industry or a new endeavor, then this data can be useful to steer you in the right direction.”

Dinich added, “Despite the number of job openings decreasing from September 2022, it is promising that they are on the rise again from August 2023.”

The BLS data provides helpful insight into which sectors currently have the most positions available for job seekers nationwide. With millions of openings across education, healthcare, professional services, hospitality, trade, and more, opportunities abound for those looking to enter or switch industries in today’s job market.

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