Podcasting Without Borders: Partnership Brings Japanese Content To Ears Worldwide

Photo by Jezael Melgoza

Evergreen Podcasts, a leading podcast production network, has partnered with Japan’s prominent Nippon Broadcasting System to launch an exciting new podcast channel called Voices of Japan. This collaboration provides a unique opportunity for listeners around the world to experience captivating Japanese storytelling and culture through high-quality podcasts.

The partnership was sparked by a chance encounter between executives from both companies at the Podcast Futures conference held in New York City last month. David Allen Moss, Chief Creative Officer at Evergreen Podcasts, and Shin Hamahara, Head of Digital Business at Nippon Broadcasting System, immediately saw the potential for creative exchange and cross-cultural podcast marketing between their organizations.

“This is a proud milestone for us, opening doors for growth and shared creativity,” said Moss. “We’re thrilled to showcase Nippon’s impressive content and help connect their shows with new global audiences.”

Under the partnership, Evergreen will serve as Nippon’s dedicated sales and marketing representative in North America. This provides opportunities for American brands seeking to engage Japanese listeners through sponsorships and advertisements on Nippon’s popular shows. With over 12 million monthly downloads, Nippon has built an engaged listener base that advertisers can now readily access.

“We are fully committed to producing captivating original podcasts and are eager to foster cross-cultural exchange with this collaboration,” said Hamahara. “Working with Evergreen allows us to share our content on a broader scale and participate in global podcasting events.”

The initial Voices of Japan lineup features three shows covering politics, economics, culture and entertainment from a uniquely Japanese perspective. These include:

– Ok! CozyUp! – A daily morning news commentary hosted by leading experts Iida Koji. Broadcast live from Tokyo, it provides in-depth analysis of current affairs.

– Zoom: Shimbo Jiro Zoom – Veteran broadcaster Jiro Shimbo shares thoughtful perspectives on politics, economics and society in this popular weekday talk show.

– Anime Roomy – Self-proclaimed “Kawaii Otaku girls” in America review and discuss their passion for anime, manga and Japanese pop culture.

These shows and more are now available through the Voices of Japan channel on Evergreen Podcasts’ website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major platforms.

The partnership represents a major step in connecting Japanese and international audiences through podcasting. Both companies are committed to leveraging their resources and creativity to share captivating stories that transcend borders.

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