The Third Floor Goes Behind the Scenes of Film Visualization in New YouTube Series

Artist vs Deadline

Visualization studio The Third Floor today announced its upcoming original YouTube series, “Artist vs Deadline,” offering viewers an inside look at the vital but often overlooked craft of visualization for feature films.

Premiering November 17, the new weekly series produced in-house will pull back the curtain on the skills and tools used by visualization supervisors to help directors and filmmakers illustrate their cinematic vision.

Visualization is the process of taking the ideas and plans for camera moves and scenes discussed by the director and key crew and representing them digitally as pre-visual animation. This previs footage acts as a rough draft and helps the team refine and communicate the look and flow of scenes before principal photography begins.

“Artist vs Deadline” will spotlight this niche craft by having two visualization supervisors compete in mock production scenarios under tight deadlines. In the debut episode, they will have just five days to create pre-visual animation for a scene with randomly assigned themes, actions and environments.

Across the educational series, contestants will race against intense deadlines to quickly block out visually striking scenes in distinct cinematic styles, providing expert insight for viewers interested in the art of visualization.

With its behind-the-scenes access and real-world challenges, “Artist vs Deadline” promises a thrilling look at the demanding work that goes into helping directors translate their vision to the screen. The series premieres November 17 on The Third Floor’s YouTube channel.



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