The Ugly Company Opens Fruit Processing Plant and Unveils New Packaging to Combat Food Waste

The Ugly Company Opens Fruit Processing Plant and Unveils New Packaging to Combat Food Waste

The Ugly Company, a farmer-led producer of upcycled dried fruit snacks, has announced the opening of its state-of-the-art fruit processing plant in Farmersville, California. This facility marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to provide nutritious snacks made from perfectly edible but visually imperfect fruits that would otherwise go to waste.

With the goal of raising awareness about fruit waste in the U.S. and making a tangible impact, The Ugly Company has also introduced new packaging that tells its brand story and clearly defines its products.

Operational Farmersville Plant:

Spanning 23.5 acres, the new processing plant is located in Farmersville and incorporates cutting-edge technology for processing a wide range of locally grown fruits. The facility features innovative equipment, including a self-developed sticker-removal machine and class-leading pit extractors imported from Italy. It also boasts 32 fruit dehydration tunnels. By collaborating with regional growers, The Ugly Company ensures a sustainable supply chain that minimizes transportation costs and reduces its carbon footprint.

According to Ben Moore, founder and CEO of The Ugly Company, the new facility represents a significant step forward in their commitment to sustainable and healthy snacking. The plant enables greater control over product quality and ensures adherence to strict food sanitation standards by bringing processing in-house. This end-to-end monitoring capability ensures that the fruit’s lifecycle, from picking to the final product, meets the company’s high standards.

The opening of the facility is expected to create employment opportunities in the Farmersville community, with an initial hire of 28 employees across various roles, from processing to management.

New Product Packaging:

In addition to the plant opening, The Ugly Company has introduced revamped product packaging to provide greater insight and transparency to consumers. The packaging highlights that each snack package is made from a single ingredient: the fruit itself. The company takes pride in not adding any artificial ingredients or sugars, believing that the natural deliciousness of the fruit should be celebrated on its own.

The packaging also sheds light on the Central Valley farmers who supply the fruit and is a tribute to founder Ben Moore’s roots in the region. Moore, born and raised in the Central Valley and formerly a truck driver, was inspired to upcycle fruit waste he witnessed firsthand during his career.

The Ugly Company’s commitment to upcycling and addressing food waste is evident in its achievements. In the previous year, the company prevented over 2.17 million pounds of food waste through its upcycling efforts. In 2023, it aims to upcycle three million pounds of perfectly good fruit that would have otherwise been discarded or used for animal feed, turning them into dried fruit snacks.

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