Toby Tiger Celebrates 25 Years of Ethical and Playful Kidswear

Toby Tiger, the renowned organic kidswear brand, is marking a significant milestone as it illuminates children’s lives with its vibrant designs for a quarter of a century. Founded in 1998 by the esteemed designer Zoe Mellor, Toby Tiger has always remained committed to producing ethical and sustainable clothing, garnering global admiration from parents and children alike.

Originating in Brighton, Toby Tiger has blossomed into a beloved brand with Zoe’s distinctive designs, characterized by a vivid rainbow color palette and whimsical appliques. The brand’s unwavering dedication to crafting each garment from the finest organic cotton has been a testament to its ethical principles.

Reflecting on Toby Tiger’s 25-year journey, it becomes evident that Zoe’s vision was ahead of its time. Toby Tiger pioneered the creation of vibrant and eco-friendly organic kidswear, utilizing azo-free dyes and sustainable prints. The company’s resolute commitment to ethical production has ensured that every piece remains stylish, sustainable, and practical.

“Since the inception of Toby Tiger, our aim has always been to create fun, colorful, and timeless designs that children adore,” said Zoe.

“We firmly believe that children’s clothing should be comfortable and easy to wear. Additionally, we are passionate about utilizing sustainable materials and ethical production methods in crafting our garments. We are ecstatic to celebrate 25 years of Toby Tiger and eagerly anticipate what the future holds!”

As Toby Tiger sets its sights on the future, the brand remains steadfast in its mission to create clothing that delights children and satisfies parents. Zoe’s philosophy of dressing children as children continues to inspire the brand, incorporating clever design elements that encourage exploration, adventure, and uninhibited movement. With sustainability at the core of Toby Tiger’s endeavors, parents can be confident that their choices contribute positively to the environment.

Let us raise a toast to Toby Tiger and its enduring legacy of fun, fashion, and family over the past 25 years. Looking ahead to the next quarter-century, Zoe and her team undoubtedly have ambitious and radiant plans in store. With their unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical production, and playful designs, Toby Tiger will continue to brighten children’s lives for years to come.

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