Tokyo Startup Launches More Accessible Telepresence Portal for Remote Collaboration

tonari lite Brings Next-Gen Telepresence Experience to Growing Companies

New “tonari lite” Brings Next-Gen Video Collaboration to Growing Companies Globally

tonari, the Tokyo-based startup building always-on video portals that bridge remote spaces, today announced the launch of tonari lite – a slimmed down, more accessible version of its revolutionary remote collaboration product. With flexible and hybrid work environments now commonplace, tonari lite is designed to bring tonari’s lifelike telepresence experience to a wider range of organizations worldwide.

Since launching in 2020, tonari has seen strong demand for its floor-to-ceiling, always-on video portals that enable remote teams to collaborate face-to-face through real-time, life-sized video with extremely low latency. However, the initial tonari pro product required substantial space and installation efforts, limiting adoption mainly to large meeting rooms and headquarters.

With tonari lite, the company aims to make its category-defining technology accessible to growing startups, SMBs, and global customers who want to unite distributed teams. Weighing nearly 50% less than tonari pro and featuring a more compact, streamlined design, tonari lite is optimized for smaller offices, focus rooms, medical clinics, educational spaces, and other settings where the full-sized tonari portal may be impractical.

Despite the smaller form factor, tonari lite retains all the core technical capabilities that have defined tonari’s products, including crisp ultra HD video, precise directional audio, and proprietary low-latency streaming algorithms that enable users to communicate remotely with the fluidity of in-person interactions. This allows for more creative collaboration, relationship building, and a sense of proximity between colleagues located anywhere in the world.

In addition to the slimmer hardware, tonari lite also features simplified pricing and delivery options tailored to the needs of budget-conscious growth-stage companies. Rather than a large upfront capital expenditure, customers can subscribe to tonari lite for a monthly fee comparable to the cost of one international business trip. Subscription plans include unlimited usage, full maintenance and support, and complimentary global delivery and installation.

Tonari sees strong demand from innovative companies looking to attract top talent globally amidst the remote and hybrid work revolution. By fostering personal connections between distributed team members, tonari aims to remove spatial divides and enable organizations to maintain an equitable and cohesive culture even as they expand into new countries and regions.

The company will continue offering the larger tonari pro alongside tonari lite for customers requiring installation across multiple sites and large gathering spaces. However, the release of a more accessible solution represents a milestone in tonari’s mission to make immersive telepresence a standard feature of workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities and other environments requiring seamless collaboration between remote parties.

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