Map Impact Launches Groundbreaking Habitat Assessment Tool

Map Impact's BiodiversityView provides a detailed national understanding of habitat condition.

In the race to protect our planet’s precious biodiversity, a pioneering Bristol company has just crossed the finish line. Map Impact, an environmental services trailblazer, has launched an innovative new tool called BiodiversityView that could revolutionize habitat assessment and profoundly impact biodiversity conservation efforts.

This breakthrough comes at a critical moment. With new environmental legislation on the horizon in the UK, developers and land managers are scrambling to assess the biodiversity value of their sites. Historically, this required extensive onsite surveys by qualified ecologists – a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Enter BiodiversityView.

Powered by advanced satellite imagery analysis, BiodiversityView enables remote biodiversity assessments aligned with the authoritative UK Habitat Classification system. This allows users to screen sites quickly and cost-effectively, while still providing robust standardized data. Ecologists can then focus their efforts where needed most. It’s a game-changer for biodiversity planning.

A key driver behind this forward-thinking tool is Map Impact’s new collaboration with UKHab – the leading authority on habitat classification in the UK. This partnership ensures BiodiversityView delivers consistent, credible insights that align with emerging regulations and best practices.

According to Richard Flemmings, Map Impact CEO, “BiodiversityView will empower land managers to understand existing habitats remotely, enabling more strategic use of limited ecological resources. Our partnership with UKHab guarantees our data aligns with the highest standards in the field.”

Bob Edmonds, Director of UKHab, echoed the significance of this new technology for habitat conservation, stating “With growing environmental legislation across the UK, we must rapidly adopt consistent and robust approaches to habitat assessment. BiodiversityView will support and enhance critical on-the-ground survey efforts, informing better land use and development decisions.”

At a time when the power of data and technology to tackle sustainability challenges has never been more apparent, Map Impact’s BiodiversityView represents the future. With this partnership, Map Impact and UKHab reinforce their leadership in environmental innovation and demonstrate the immense potential of tech for biodiversity. The race for solutions is underway, and this could be the kickstart we need.

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