Toyota Mobility Foundation Launches $9 Million Sustainable Cities Challenge to Foster Innovation and Collaboration

The Toyota Mobility Foundation, in collaboration with Challenge Works and World Resources Institute, has initiated a three-year global challenge with a budget of $9 million (approximately £7 million). The Sustainable Cities Challenge aims to assist cities in adapting to future needs, potentially transforming the lives of millions of people worldwide.

As urban areas continue to grow and evolve, the importance of reliable, efficient, and inclusive transportation systems becomes increasingly significant. At the same time, advancements in transportation modes, infrastructure design, operations, energy options, and connected data systems offer promising opportunities.

The Sustainable Cities Challenge aims to enhance people’s lives by improving access to jobs, education, and other essential services. The challenge will bring together cities and innovators to implement mobility solutions that reduce carbon emissions, improve accessibility, and utilize data to build more resilient transportation systems.

Ryan Klem, Director of Programs at the Toyota Mobility Foundation, emphasized the importance of local cities’ involvement, stating, “Throughout the Sustainable Cities Challenge, we are looking to work alongside cities to find innovative solutions in the areas they identify as critical to develop a scalable model for the cities of tomorrow.”

The call for entries is now open to city leaders, municipal governments, transport departments, and other related local and regional agencies. Entries should address one or more of the following themes: expanding access to safe and affordable transportation, harnessing the power of data for connected mobility ecosystems, and reducing environmental impact through low-carbon and renewable energy solutions.

Shortlisted cities will participate in a capacity-building academy in the United States and receive support in developing their challenge design. They will also become part of a broader network of innovative city teams. In February 2024, three winning cities will be selected to host a City Challenge, inviting global innovators to submit their solutions. The winning innovators for each city will be announced in late 2024, and they will share the $9 million funding to test and implement their solutions.

The Sustainable Cities Challenge is a collaboration between the Toyota Mobility Foundation, Challenge Works, and World Resources Institute. Challenge Works specializes in developing challenge programs to stimulate innovative thinking and find solutions to societal issues. World Resources Institute is a global research organization focused on developing practical solutions to improve people’s lives and promote environmental sustainability.

Transforming mobility systems not only helps cities decarbonize but also fosters inclusivity and accessibility for their residents. Currently, over 1.2 billion people living in cities lack access to one or more essential services. The Sustainable Cities Challenge presents an opportunity for cities globally to enhance their capacity and support innovators in addressing these challenges and improving the quality of life for all residents.

To learn more about the Sustainable Cities Challenge and submit entries, please visit the Sustainable Cities Challenge website.

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