Young Entrepreneurs Build Thriving HMO Agency, Cosi Living, Managing 256 Rooms in Liverpool

Cosi Living founders Olivia Maher and Joe Duggan

In a remarkable journey of success, two young entrepreneurs, Joe Duggan and Olivia Maher, established their HMO agency in May 2020 at the ages of 21 and 22. They have since created a highly successful business, Cosi Living, which currently manages 256 rooms and tenants across Liverpool.

Joe and Olivia were both let go from their jobs on the same day, prompting them to take the leap and establish J.O. Property Group, which has recently rebranded as Cosi Living to align with their modern, fresh, and tenant-focused approach. The agency collaborates with landlords and investors, providing renovation, refurbishment, and property maintenance services. Additionally, they assist tenants, including professionals and students, in finding suitable homes.

Setting themselves apart from others in the industry, Joe and Olivia prioritize quality and ensure that every property they manage is finished to a high standard while remaining affordable. Their attention to detail includes beautiful finishes throughout the properties, from kitchens and bathrooms to flooring and paintwork.

Despite starting their business during the UK’s second national lockdown, Joe and Olivia have achieved significant recognition. They were awarded The Best Master Lease Operator at the HMO Awards 2022, competing against strong contenders among 377 nominations, 121 finalists, and 18 winners.

Before starting their venture, Olivia worked for an estate agent, while Joe studied Business, Economics, and Sport in college. They crossed paths while working together in a PPI complaints contracting job. Joe’s passion for business and Olivia’s background in property sales fueled their decision to enter the property industry and focus on HMO management and lettings.

Their journey began with the transformation of a 10-bedroom house in Sefton Park, which they found on Gumtree. Despite facing challenges such as managing renovations while working from home during the easing of restrictions, they successfully doubled the rent on the rooms and fully occupied the property within six weeks. Their achievements caught the attention of an investor in London who asked them to manage another property he was renovating, leading to further opportunities.

Facing potential job loss as their property business grew, Joe and Olivia decided to take a risk and commit fully to their entrepreneurial venture. Within a short period, they acquired additional properties through platforms like Facebook Marketplace and word-of-mouth referrals. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service and impressive property renovations has contributed to the significant growth of their business, now managing 256 rooms and tenants in Liverpool, with more properties on the horizon.

Joe and Olivia’s inspiring journey exemplifies the power of taking risks, seizing opportunities, and providing outstanding service. Their passion, hard work, and focus on quality have established Cosi Living as a thriving HMO agency in Liverpool.

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