AeroGarden Collaborates with Etsy Creators for Small Business Saturday Boost

AeroGarden Collaborates with Etsy Creators for Small Business Saturday Boost

AeroGarden, the leading in-home smart hydroponic garden brand, is set to join hands with a curated group of Etsy creators in celebration of Small Business Saturday. In a bid to support and amplify these hand-selected creators, AeroGarden will provide them with a platform and resources to enhance visibility and scale their businesses.

The collaboration extends beyond a marketing initiative, reflecting AeroGarden’s commitment to fostering growth within its passionate community. A dedicated landing page on serves as a central hub for consumers to explore, learn, and shop from six featured creators: INO Marketplace, Shiitake Creek, GH3DLabs, UrbanHydroculture, MyStrawberryDesignsUS, and Jeweler’s Greenhouse.

These creators offer unique, hand-made products that add a personalized touch to the indoor gardening experience, from decorative decals to innovative covers for AeroGarden setups. The initiative aligns with AeroGarden’s broader campaign, AeroTopia, which celebrates the joy of indoor gardening and the diverse forms of growth it brings.

Katy Reisser, Senior Brand Manager at AeroGarden, expresses excitement about amplifying these businesses through marketing initiatives, marking a significant aspect of the AeroTopia campaign to celebrate the love of indoor gardening. As the collaboration unfolds, AeroGarden plans to expand its partnerships with these creators, creating more opportunities for consumers to enhance their in-home gardening experiences and cultivate their unique AeroTopia.

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