Aneo Vind Takes Over Operations at Roan Wind Farm

Photo by Sander Weeteling

Aneo Vind, a Norwegian renewable energy company, has taken over full-service operations at the Roan wind farm from Vestas, marking a major strategic move to become a full-service operator of wind farms across Scandinavia.

On February 8th, Aneo’s technicians officially assumed responsibility for Roan from Vestas, after years of preparation. The takeover went smoothly, with Aneo’s local technicians and engineers from headquarters in Trondheim working together to ensure a seamless transition.

“We are now doing as we have said, taking over the delivery of most technical services to the Roan wind power plant,” said Aneo CEO Gunnar Hovland in an interview. “I am pleased that our technicians have shown that we were ready for this job.”

Hovland explained that by taking over operations, Aneo aims to strengthen its role as an industrial growth company in renewable energy.

Børre Sivertsvoll, head of Aneo’s operations unit, noted that having local technicians combined with Aneo’s skilled engineers enables quicker emergency response times and handling of technical issues. “In the first few weeks, we have focused on testing operations, and we see that this is working as planned,” he said.

According to Hovland, operating wind farms also boosts Aneo’s competitive advantage in the market by allowing it to build a stronger professional and operational environment, laying the groundwork for profitable growth across Scandinavia.

Beyond Roan, Aneo plans to take over operations at other wind farms in the Midgard portfolio in 2024 and 2025, including the Frøya wind farm on Frøya and the Hundhammerfjellet wind farm in Nærøysund.

With the Roan takeover complete, and expansion on the horizon, Aneo appears poised to become a major player in full-service wind farm operation across Norway and beyond.

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