Visualizing Design in New Dimensions: Allplan Cloud Services Bridge 2D and 3D Workflows

Connecting the Dots: Allplan Links 2D Plans and 3D Models in the Cloud

Allplan, a global provider of building information modeling (BIM) software for the architecture, engineering and construction industry, announced on Thursday that users of its Allplan Subscription service will now have access to new functionality enabling connected 2D and 3D workflows through Allplan Cloud.

Allplan Cloud, included as standard in all new Allplan subscriptions, is a consolidated cloud-based solution that allows users to maximize the value of their data by connecting Allplan’s desktop and cloud-based applications. The service includes a powerful BIM collaboration platform that has now been enhanced with Bimplus Overlay, a new feature for comparing 2D plans and 3D models.

Along with last year’s release of the Allplan Cloud Viewer, this marks the second major update that Allplan is providing at no extra cost to Allplan Subscription customers and users of Bimplus Professional, Allplan’s standalone BIM collaboration tool. The company stated that further developments and innovations will continue to be included as part of Allplan Cloud Services.

“We are very proud of our innovative and user-centric approach to developing cloud-based workflows that support everyday processes through Allplan Cloud,” said Nigel Rees, Allplan’s product director for cloud services. “With this new development, users benefit from advanced new functionality and can easily compare the reality of 2D plans and 3D models, quickly identify discrepancies and raise issues.”

Bimplus Overlay Allows Comparison of 2D and 3D

The new Bimplus Overlay tool enables rapid comparison of 2D plans, drawings and images in PDF, JPG or PNG formats with a 3D building information model. Users can create a section through the 3D model and then match it to specific points on the 2D drawings. This instantly combines the drawings and images with the 3D model, allowing users to visually check for alignment, spot discrepancies and conveniently log issues using the Issue Manager tool. Allplan stated that it will continue expanding Bimplus Overlay’s capabilities.

“With the new overlay manager we can now easily match 2D plans with the 3D spatial model to solve queries in the construction phase,” said Ulla Stäblein of Stäbleinarchitekten, an architecture firm based in Nuremberg, Germany.

According to Thomas Müller, Allplan’s product manager for cloud services and Bimplus, “This advanced and practical approach to merging the two worlds of plans or drawings and models enables a rapid approach to merged and flexible visual review. The 2D deliverables required for most projects can be easily compared with the 3D model to supplement information and provide a complete overview.”

For BIM projects, Müller explained that users can now swiftly combine models from specialty partners and validate 2D construction drawings by interrogating the 3D volumes for design intent and constructability.

Comprehensive Cloud Services for Allplan Users

In addition to the BIM collaboration platform, Allplan Cloud provides multi-user tools for remote project team collaboration, functionality for managing and distributing drawings and plans, and capabilities for efficient in-office workflows.

The service also includes special integrations for exchanging data with structural analysis solutions and currently provides limited access to automated model checking through Solibri Inside. Allplan Cloud incorporates capabilities previously offered in separate Allplan products such as Allplan Share, Allplan Exchange and Allplan Workgroup Manager.

“Our core design principles focus on improving the efficiency of design-to-build workflows, including through cloud-based processes,” said Rees. “Our overarching goal is to provide Allplan Subscription users with a comprehensive and connected solution that enables them to work and collaborate efficiently across all their projects.”

Allplan stated that Allplan Cloud services are included with all new Allplan Subscription purchases. The Bimplus Overlay functionality is now available through Allplan Cloud or via a Bimplus Professional license.


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