Revolutionizing Online Connections: ‘MOOD Social & Dating’ Sets a New Paradigm for Emotional Matchmaking

Photo by Tim Foster

The digital landscape of socializing and dating is poised for a groundbreaking shift as tech entrepreneur Tim A. Washington unveils his latest venture, ‘MOOD Social & Dating’. This innovative platform is set to usher in a new era of online interactions, promising a unique and mood-based approach that caters to users’ emotional states and desires. The beta testing phase of this transformative app is scheduled to commence on September 16th, bringing a fresh perspective to the realm of digital relationships.

Originating from Lafayette, Louisiana, Tim A. Washington’s entrepreneurial journey boasts a multifaceted trajectory. A veteran of the US Navy, Washington’s repertoire also includes being the owner of an acclaimed automotive detailing business. His tech acumen further shines as the Chief Technology Officer of a company recently acclaimed as the most investible startup on the upcoming television series, ‘The Blox’, slated for broadcast in 2025.

The catalyst for Washington’s foray into digital dating was a culmination of years spent grappling with the limitations of existing platforms and an earnest desire to amplify the emotional well-being of users through a more personalized experience. This inclination for innovation is evident through his affiliation with the Opportunity Machine’s accelerator 2022 fall cohort.

“MOOD Social & Dating is designed to break away from the cookie-cutter approach of conventional dating apps,” Washington explained. “We recognize that human emotions are dynamic and diverse, and our platform seeks to accommodate these nuances by matching individuals based on their unique emotional states.”

The app’s approach revolves around utilizing an individual’s current mood as a key parameter for generating matches, thereby creating connections that resonate on a deeper level. With a keen understanding of the power of technology to augment human experiences and relationships, Washington has embarked on a mission to reshape the digital dating landscape.

The beta testing phase of MOOD Social & Dating is now open for nationwide sign-ups, offering early access to this pioneering platform and inviting users to actively contribute to its refinement through invaluable feedback. Prospective participants can join the waitlist for the app’s launch or create their profiles at

As society’s digital interactions continue to evolve, the introduction of MOOD Social & Dating stands as a testament to the innovative spirit that seeks to enhance the ways individuals connect and forge meaningful relationships in the online realm.

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