Coventry University’s AME sets its sights on unlocking supply chain potential after £6m expansion

Laser processing capabilities at AME

Coventry University has expanded its pioneering Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AME), nearly a decade after its launch. The institute has now completed over £110 million in research and development projects for manufacturers including Aston Martin, Ford and Lotus.

The “relaunch” adds 2,000 square meters of space to the facility. But Director Marcos Kauffman said it represents more than just physical growth: “It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to bridging the skills and R&D gap between academia and industry.”

“From our inception in 2014 to today, AME has consistently aimed to be at the forefront of innovative teaching and research with our ‘Faculty on the Factory Floor’ model,” he continued. “This expansion is a beacon of our dedication to nurturing industry-ready talent while also fostering pioneering research that helps solves everyday issues.”

The institute now aims to support the UK’s journey to net-zero emissions by training engineers, fostering clean technologies and enabling supply chain development.

The £6 million expansion brings AME’s total investment to £18 million. New facilities include a digital twin environment, artificial intelligence and virtual reality stations, and materials, metrology and chemistry labs.

AME has pioneered lightweight, eco-friendly manufacturing techniques already exported globally. It plans to advance digital systems and battery production for electric vehicles.

“With this launch, we’re not just unveiling a state-of-the-art facility, but also setting the stage for the next generation of engineers, innovators, and clean technologies,” said University Vice-Chancellor John Latham.

Managing Director of Unipart Manufacturing Carol Rose Burke added: “We are thrilled about the expansion of the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering, a pioneering initiative between Unipart and Coventry University to bridge the gap between industry and academia.”

The expansion launch featured a metaverse allowing remote attendees to explore 3D models of the facilities. Over 15 countries participated in the hybrid physical-digital event.

The institute renewal marks a new chapter for AME after nearly a decade supporting R&D and building manufacturing talent. Its expanded capabilities aim to drive innovation in clean technologies and sustainable mobility.

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