New Report Reveals Brands Must Enhance Personalisation Efforts for Truly Memorable Customer Experiences

Two-thirds of consumers feel personalised experiences aren’t truly ‘personal’

A recent report by Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, highlights the need for brands to elevate their personalisation practices to deliver truly unique and memorable online experiences. The “Personalised to Personal” report, based on a study of 100 UK marketing leaders and 1,000 UK consumers, sheds light on the current state of personalisation and how brands can optimize their efforts in an increasingly competitive market.

Despite 71% of consumers acknowledging that the digital experiences they encounter online are “targeted” towards them, only 33% believe these experiences feel “truly personal.” The report reveals a disparity between targeted content and genuinely personalized content, with consumers expressing frustration (70%) over promotions that don’t align with their personal interests. Surprisingly, 73% of brands have been investing in personalized content for three or more years, indicating a disconnect between consumer expectations and brand execution.

To address this discrepancy, Optimizely emphasizes the importance of achieving a truly personal connection with customers. The report highlights that 63% of consumers would display more loyalty to a brand that truly understands their individual preferences. In response, 70% of marketers are combining personalization with experimentation to optimize their strategies, while 42% have invested in new experimentation technologies to improve effectiveness.

Shafqat Islam, CMO of Optimizely, commented, “Simply tailoring messages based on demographic assumptions is no longer enough to cut through the noise. Brands need to optimize their existing approach to personalization, and that means experimenting.” By integrating experimentation into their strategies, marketers can try new approaches, evaluate effectiveness, and refine their tactics. This data-driven approach enables brands to better understand their customers and engage with them on a more personalized level.

In a saturated market where every purchase matters, treating customers as individuals, rather than just part of a larger audience, can provide a valuable competitive advantage. The report emphasizes that personalization practices must evolve beyond basic demographic targeting and focus on creating unique and tailored experiences. By doing so, brands can forge stronger connections with their customers and foster loyalty in an increasingly discerning consumer base.

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